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Wild Sunday leaves pair of double-digit seeds on bottom half of KU's region as the Jayhawks head to Chicago for the Sweet 16

You left out 2012. That was an exceptional surprise that I'll always be proud of, even though it ended with a loss in the championship game. KU played hard, but nobody was going to beat that UK team.

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KU's first-round NCAA Tournament win moves Jayhawks within 1 win of tying Kentucky in all-time wins race

It would get confusing with someone like Calipari - do wins as an assistant (at KU) count the same as wins as a head coach (at UK)?

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Kansas basketball lands No. 1 seed in NCAA Tournament's Midwest region

Shorten that to "Because we've been here before."

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The Trophy Returns: No. 6 Kansas wins share of Big 12 regular-season title with gritty OT win vs. No. 21 Texas

What's with Self wearing an orange shirt? That's either for OSU or a non-burnt orange shirt for UT. I realize there's a Jayhawk on it, but it looks out of place.

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KU basketball's main focus — 'keep rebounding' — pays off in win vs. Baylor

My comment is quoting what was in the story. That's why I asked them to check the records. They must have corrected it but not acknowledged their correction. Bad journalism by Zac Boyer or the website editor.

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KU basketball's main focus — 'keep rebounding' — pays off in win vs. Baylor

Check the records for KU and Baylor.

Crashing the boards early proved fruitful for Kansas (19-4, 7-3 Big 12), which was able to use Baylor's missed shots as fuel for its blowout victory at Allen Fieldhouse.

Consider that the Bears (19-3, 8-1 Big 12), ...

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Future Jayhawks Gradey Dick, MJ Rice, Ernest Udeh named McDonald's All-Americans

How much is McDonalds paying these players in this era of the NIL? Seems to me the exposure would be topped off with cold hard cash to get these players all together.

Nearly all of these made significant contributions to the program. There were some in the latter half of the list that didn't, whether they transferred out (e.g. David Padgett, Quentin Grimes, Bryce Thompson), declared for the draft early (which limited their contributions - e.g. Devon Dotson, Kelly Oubre Jr) or some others who just had problems (multiple reasons e.g. Cliff Alexander, Chieck Diallo). I think the problems with some of the later ones made it difficult for KU to get to Final Fours and possibly championships when some of the best recruits weren't around for the full four years the way they were during the Larry Brown and Roy Williams eras, but it's not Self's fault - BB has changed and players are many more options these days. This year's team, with ten new players, is very impressive for Self to have put together these talented teammates utilizing the Covid extra year, transfer portal, regular recruiting, and graduate transfers.

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Kansas overcomes 17-point deficit, beats K-State on Ochai Agbaji's late basket

Lots of masks either missing or being worn as chinstraps by fans and coaches. AFH is going to have a challenge to keep people wearing masks, but it's worth it to have a full fieldhouse. KU has nearly double the number of fans in attendance as KSU did today.

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Mask mandate back at Allen Fieldhouse; chancellor warns crowd size may be limited if compliance wanes

For one example, it took 200+ years to eradicate smallpox down to the 2-3 labs where there are still samples of it. It still killed thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of people over that time, but eventually it was ended as a disease. It's ridiculous to assume, even with today's advances in medicine, to expect to stop Covid, especially with so many people unvaccinated and helping to spread the fast spreading and mutating disease, in a matter of a little over a year. I am glad we don't throw up our hands and give up as you seem to recommend. I will continue to wear a mask and do what I can to remain distant from others because I like living and I don't want to catch a disease that seems to cause a horrible death to some and major organ damage to many more that becomes a lifelong disability. All I ask is that people don't keep spreading this disease which is not a big thing to ask. The combined measures of vaccines (and yes, they're changing and improving as new variants are discovered), masks and distancing are not impositions on your freedom, but they're efforts at allowing people to circulate freely and live healthy lives. Only selfish, uncaring people insist on not wearing masks, not getting vaccinated (unless they have a reaction to the vaccine) and it's really the horrible people who insist that their right to infect others trumps people's right to remain disease free.

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Mask mandate back at Allen Fieldhouse; chancellor warns crowd size may be limited if compliance wanes

Dirk, the comment was from Steven Haag who said "Because masks DON’T work. It’s been proven." I provided a link to a page which had multiple examples provided by the CDC where masks were studied as to whether they helped or did nothing to the spread of Covid and time and again they were able to prove that masks DO help stem the spread. I can't help it if you can't follow the link to the web page and then read the studies, or even the summaries of them that are provided. I went to an excellent high school in Kansas (Lawrence High) and took multiple classes from excellent teachers (Stan Roth, especially) and then I went on to get BS and MS degrees from public universities, so maybe I learned how to research scientific studies. Again, I'm not saying they're 100% effective. I'm not saying they're the only thing needed to stop Covid. Scientists have on multiple occasions concluded that masks help reduce the spread of Covid and since there are so many people resisting wearing masks because of whatever reasons they fear, mandates have become the way of trying to get people to use this means of keeping not only themselves but the rest of society healthier. I don't know what scientific background you might have, but I'll take the word of people who've dedicated their lives to studying these issues. The conservative Supreme Court justices proved through their questions that they believe Faux Noise non-scientists and their propaganda and not scientists.

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