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NCAA President Mark Emmert stepping down no later than 2023

I'm not clear there can be one fix, and quite honestly, I'd like the NCAA be broken down into separate organizations - 1100 member schools under one umbrella? - but I'm certain there's not a way to make schools compete with NIL on an even playing field. If the KSU guard was (reported on this site, IIRC) offered $800,000 to go to Ohio State and play basketball (but the University of Miami was willing to throw in a car on top of that money!), and he's not a player on the level of some of the top players at the college level, let alone being worthy of being a pro, I can't see how a school like KU can compete with the likes of that. And then you get into football. Sure, some schools can get contracts that will allow them to pay their stars big money, but not KU, or 75% of even the schools in the power 5, let alone the rest of the schools in Division 1-A. What happens when a teenager, making that $800,000 (granted, that is an exception, I hope) tells the assistant coach to pound sand for suggesting the student's test on Tuesday is important for him to keep his eligibility? What about the other, non-revenue sports that depend upon revenue sharing from the sports like football and basketball that bring in enough to fund the other sports?

I thought about volunteering for the position, but after thinking it over, I don't need the headache.

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Examining the case for adding Kansas forward David McCormack's name and number to the Allen Fieldhouse rafters

I miss the pre-NCAA tourney format of the site, where there were lots of links to various articles. I am not fond of the mobile version of the site coming up on my home computer with the big screen. Not everyone reads the site on their phone. Sure, having links to articles that are four or more years old (there are people who have had their cases adjudicated, have served their time and moved on and yet they're still with their pictures on the site as if they were just arrested) and having recruiting articles 2-3 years old gets tiresome to wade through, but I still prefer the old site format.

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A look back at some of the more overshadowed moments of Kansas' title-game win over UNC

Blake - the first McCormack rebound came over Manek and Bacot. Bacot was still out there and (relatively) healthy, but McCormack was fortunate with the bounce coming more his way and he just manhandled it into his hands to then go up over the two of them to get the bucket that put KU ahead. The second one happened after Bacot went down with his rolled ankle and Manek couldn't stop McCormack.

One thing not mentioned in those various points above was the flexing of the floor that may have caused Bacot to roll his ankle. It's painfully obvious the floorboards moved and I'm just glad no Jayhawks were caught by that. Since Bacot was the only one who was, maybe it took someone whose ankle was already weak and perhaps someone of Bacot's size to be hurt by that, but it definitely happened and was caught on video.

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On to New Orleans: 2nd-half surge leads top-seeded Kansas past Miami and into the Final Four

Michigan cares very much and brags that they're the winningest college football team. Just saying, it is important, even if just to alumni and fans.

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Miami's disruptive defense awaits Kansas in Elite Eight matchup

That was entertaining, knowing the outcome as I do. I think it would be fun to go see their show from the week following.

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In Kansas, Providence's Ed Cooley eager to face a college basketball 'blue blood'

Michigan State might be there because of the "Champions Classic" but they've been without a title the longest.

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Wild Sunday leaves pair of double-digit seeds on bottom half of KU's region as the Jayhawks head to Chicago for the Sweet 16

You left out 2012. That was an exceptional surprise that I'll always be proud of, even though it ended with a loss in the championship game. KU played hard, but nobody was going to beat that UK team.

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KU's first-round NCAA Tournament win moves Jayhawks within 1 win of tying Kentucky in all-time wins race

It would get confusing with someone like Calipari - do wins as an assistant (at KU) count the same as wins as a head coach (at UK)?

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Kansas basketball lands No. 1 seed in NCAA Tournament's Midwest region

Shorten that to "Because we've been here before."

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The Trophy Returns: No. 6 Kansas wins share of Big 12 regular-season title with gritty OT win vs. No. 21 Texas

What's with Self wearing an orange shirt? That's either for OSU or a non-burnt orange shirt for UT. I realize there's a Jayhawk on it, but it looks out of place.

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