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Dick Williams 13 years, 4 months ago

Some calls from the refs just have to make you wonder. I forget which Spartan Guard but he drove into the paint and shot over Aldrich. Aldrich put up his left arm and actually was already turning toward the goal to position for a rebound moving toward the basket more than the shooter with no part of his body even touching the shooter except for the fact that the shooter jumped forward into Cole after he put up the shot and they called a shooting foul on Aldrich which, just like what happened to Collins a little later the only possible call should have been an offensive foul although that would be unfair also. I never complain on these forums about refs because bad calls usually even out in the course of any game but this game was truly an exception.

Michigan State did not win this game, with help from the incompetent and/or biased refs we lost it. However, everything past the the first game of 'The Dance' was gravy for us considering our youth and so I am so proud of you guys that I cannot remember a team in the forty years I have been an avid fan of KU basketball besides, of course, the '88 squad that won it all with Manning as our leader that made me as proud to be a Jayhawk fan.

This should remind us all of what great value good leadership has and Collins and Aldrich really helped to give our guys the confidence so that they could play to their capabilities instead of letting such a stressful atmosphere get the best of them. And do we ever have some incredible talent,

Please Sherron and Cole, do not go pro. Give it one more year and take that championship while blowing the country away with our combined talent. It will only raise your stock to levels that could mean doubling your contracts (excuse the speculation from a complete neophyte) but just look back at all the guys that had slick, self serving, agents convince them they were ready and ending up playing in Eastern Europe wondering how the heck they were going to retire with dignity, unless you are able and smart enough to graduate ahead of time;.

Thanks guys, and coach Self for an exciting, pleasantly surprising, terrific year. You guys are the best and could kick the $^%# out of any of the twelve remaining teams. Next year you will take them by storm, if we lose no one, we might just be the first team to have forty wins in a single season.

Warmest regards, Dick Williams Plano, TX (born and raised in Lawrence which I never leave out when introducing myself)

My brother Russell says, "ditto". He is a man of few words but he means every one of them.

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