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Keegan: Collins one fine finisher

Jaybate, your comment that Arthur will NEVER score 30 is just as ridiculous as Keegan's claim that Sherron and Arthur are more talented than anyone else on the team.
You're both wrong!
Go Hawks!

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K-State 'expects' to end Jayhawks' run

I wonder if Giddens can spell NBDL.

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K-State 'expects' to end Jayhawks' run

I am looking forward to tonight's game, but I agree with JayCeph. We should NEVER underestimate an opponent, even if we breezed through the last four games. We did lose to ORU and DePaul this year.
That being said, I think we are starting to look pretty darn good out on the court. Rock Chalk!

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Robinson turns it up for league

Yes, Gottlieb is from OSU, though he started his career at Notre Dame. I was at the game when he wore his shorts on backwards. Too funny!
I think Bilas is pretty fair in his analyses. I agree with most of my compadres here about Digger Phelps. I don't care much for the guy. As for Gottlieb, he is pretty knowledgeable about KU and the Big 12, since he played there, and just like Bilas and Davis with the ACC, it tends to turn into a bias, but it is nice to have someone who cares about the Big 12.
Rock Chalk!

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Robinson turns it up for league

My bad. Bynum started with AZ and transferred to GT.
And for the record, I am a big fan of both RR and Sherron.

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Robinson turns it up for league

I am not sure there is much to compare, besides the fact that they are both about the same height (though I think Sherron is about 1-2 inches shorter). Cleaves was a better facilitator and a more vocal leader, but Sherron, as a freshman, is already stronger, much more athletic, and a far better shooter than Cleaves ever was during his 4 years at MSU. By the time Sherron leaves KU, he will be regarded as a much better PLAYER than Cleaves, especially if he has a ring or two.
At this point, I think Sherron compares more favorably to Will Bynum (former Arizona Wildcat), or Ty Lawson (current Tar Heel).

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

Who cares? Only a pathetic buffoon would get to that point, but I don't think it is worth talking about in multiple threaded discussions, jross.
Evidently, that guy has some serious issues. Let him deal with 'em.
Rock Chalk!

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Wright's career-high 33 paces KU to sweep of MU

Great games by Julian and Brandon, but let's not overlook Sherrons' performance, another good game for the little man... and Darnell looked pretty good too.
Great job, Hawks! Thanks for putting on a show!

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Beginning to click

I don't think anyone can control what fans will do or say, amd let's be real here, it is not like Allen Fieldhouse became the Palace at Auburn Hills for one night. There was no fighting, no beer throwing, so let's not blow this thing out of proportion.
In my prior life, I used to drive up and down ACC country to attend games and I can tell you that what happened on Wednesday night at home is not worse than anywhere else. Fans in Durham and Chapel Hill can act inappropriately too, and I am not even talking about in College Park, MD. Fans are REALLY bad there.
Bottom line, I am more worried about seeing us play consistently well than about what fellow fans do to a visiting team and coach.
Rock Chalk!

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Collins making push for more minutes

I saw him play a few games last year, and was waiting for him to start showing what he can do. I am excited about the new option he gives us on offense. He will take some pressure off of Rush and Chalmers in scoring. He is going to be great, but let's not crown him just yet. He is only a freshman.

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