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Beaty aware of Kansas’ obstacles

Wow m Beaty and I have something in common, we are both Lindenwood Graduates.

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Police release details on 'large disturbance' that led to arrests of KU basketball, football players

No good, Lindenwood is my alma Mater. They have zero tolerance for this kinda stuff, at least they did when i was there. I had to practically beg to be allowed to stay in school after a girlfriend of one of my roommates was caught in our house... It is a pretty strict school. Again this was 10 years and the president that did most of this is dead now So it COULD be different.

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Cozart’s confidence remains high

I was thinking the same thing from the reactions I read. How many times does a head coach get fired mid season and there is ZERO talk about how the players are ticked. It may explain a lot to how the defense always looks fired up and ready to play and the offense looks like crap. The defense loves their coach and feeds off his energy. It also struck me as odd, the language zenger used. "We have lost support at ALL levels" I think that was a hint that weis had lost the players too....

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No. 6-ranked recruit Myles Turner to visit KU for Texas Tech game

So he is going to visit Duke AND KU on the same day? Is he Superman? Or is wrong? BEcause the last I checked the Texas Tech game was on March 5th.

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Column: WSU deserves top spot in poll

I'm sorry, but didn't he just write five paragraphs why they don't?

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Proposed college football rule change for 2014 worth keeping an eye on

Matt, though I know that it wont apply in the last two minutes, but often there is MORE than two minutes left when teams need to hurry. What if they are down by two scores with 4 minutes left? They need to hurry, but with this rule, they will not be able to do so.

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KU football picks up commitment from one of top prospects in Dallas

Am I the only one that thinks this is a HUGE deal? I mean, I looked at his recruiting page and I saw all of the schools that offered him, he had offers from Texas, K-State, West Virginia, Nebraska...and he chooses KU. KU beat ALL of those school out for this recruit.

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Classic win: Ellis, Wiggins lift KU past Duke

I can't agree, if they even make 1 free throw more than they did, the entire game changes. Just like you can't say that "of so and so was playing you should just put in thier season averages and they win the game" is so and so WAS playing it would be a completely different ball game.

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Classic win: Ellis, Wiggins lift KU past Duke

You know it is actually REALLY hard to make large defensive adjustments during timeouts... Sometimes it takes halftime to get them in place. That is what was needed to stop Parker, a LARGE defensive adjustment.

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Will offensive linemen Damon Martin and Riley Spencer make a difference for KU's offense?

I think you may be reading too much into it.

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