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Ukrainian wing Mykhailiuk chooses KU

Ok so we get the best shooter on the OTHER HALF OF THE WORLD!! Yet here we are still sulcing over last year. Yes-we would of had a better season if we had better guard play. Yes- we would of had a better season if we had leaders. Yes- we would of had a better season if this or if that. Shut up and be a true jayhawk!. We won another big 12 Confrence championship, 3 games left of Confrence play, all the while with one of the youngest team to date. We had one of, if not the hardest schedule. We potentially have the 1 and 2 top draft picks in this years draft. Hugh for Ku recruiting!! So there was positive out of this season, wouldn't you say? This year we are beyond loaded. With some leaders with experiece, who will be healthy (Selden Jr). I see traylor being a team leader and watch Ellis get into some peoples asses next season. To top it off self is manning the helm. So yeah there is plenty to be excited of.

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Joel Embiid to announce future plans at news conference today

Jo Jo what ever decsion you make big man. It was so much fun watching you play. I hope the best for you. Ah who am I kidding we want you to stay.

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Joel Embiid ruled out for Big 12 Tournament

COME ON KU FANS!!!! Where is your pride? We still have a very talented team. They will raley around this. Selden will get more plays set for him and wiggins. We still have black, who as we all have seen, can have monster games. We can and we will make it to the second weekend and will have jo jo back. This season is far from over. Heads up fans the boys need our support.

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Notebook: Joel Embiid 'all right' after landing funny

"The Brothers from other Mothers" just swatted your $*!+

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"The Bothers from other Mothers" just swatted you $*!+

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