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Johnson signs one-year deal to play with team in Poland

This is a debated topic in the coaching ranks, where some say it is best to foul and others say it is best to play it out and play defense. Don't know if you can blame a coach for a loss solely on this argument.

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KU basketball notebook: Ex-Jayhawks set for Chalmers all-star game

If you go by those rankings, this is the year to be at the Champions Classic in Chicago! Numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5.... not a bad group of teams!

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Good game: A look at the best KU games in the Bill Self era

I was there too... Absolutely the best environment I have ever seen at a sporting event, and I went to many great games at AFH as a student.

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Good game: A look at the best KU games in the Bill Self era

Yet your #1 game is KU vs. UNC where it was 40-12 in the first half?

This comment shows that you don't even believe that game was a great game... 40-12 is pretty one-sided to me.

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Andrew Wiggins awaits award fate

I hope Withey stays on with the Pelicans (or any team for that matter), but I can see him having trouble guarding many of the centers in the league. I know he has gotten bigger and a little quicker since he arrived at KU, but IMO he will struggle. And with no offensive game (which he has admitted to in almost every interview that is quoted on this site since he has been drafted) I think he will head overseas and make a good living for himself.

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Opinion: Jayhawks old, new entertain in games

ummm... What?? My head is spinning after reading this opinion piece

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Wiggins followed heart in signing with Jayhawks

I don't think we can compare Wiggin's situation with not coming to KU this summer to Henry's. If I remember right, X just wasn't coming to campus and was supposedly working out with a personal trainer or something. At least Wiggin's will be playing on an organized team and probably against decent competition.

The only downside to this is that Hudy loses a couple of months with him.

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KU signee Joel Embiid praised for defense at Jordan Classic

I agree, Embiid is athletic for a 7footer. Compared to Withey he is more athletic and will end up having much better foot work as well. I'm excited to see how he can progress offensively because he is raw on that side of the court. I said it on the messages boards, I wouldn't be surprised to see Embiid break Withey's blocks record.

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KU best team of 21st century? Also, videos of Wayne Selden, Joel Embiid from Jordan Brand Classic

I had no problem getting that song out of my head... either because I couldn't understand a single word the guy was saying or because it was so annoying I had to turn it off after about 20 seconds

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