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Matt Tait: Best advice for KU AD Jeff Long: Go with your guy

Matt Tait writing football articles again. Maybe I'll come back this way....

November 9, 2018 at 7:13 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Change of plans: Looking back at 11 Class of 2018 prospects who decommitted from KU football

I've never seen this many takes on the same tired narrative.

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Texas prep pipeline runs dry for Kansas football

This is getting old. There is no evidence that our class is subpar. This is more about trying to spin the information to say "see, I told ya so". Weis was terrible in his evaluation of JC talent and character. But, when you look at the other schools that tried hard to get our JC guys, that is much more telling than this muscle memory perspective that has become KUsports. com. There is no fresh insight here. So, consider me a dissenter in my opinion. I think we have a great class so far.

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KU football adds 8th juco prospect, DL Charles Cole, to recruiting class

Very well said. Muscle memory, and a robust desire to prove to the world that KU needs to fire everyone, is clouding the judgement of anxious fans. There are major programs that would have taken these guys. Lets see if they can play. And, lets not blame the current regime for the sins of 2 former coaches.

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KU football loses pledge from prep D-end, who commits to K-State

It is so odd to read many of the posts that are on here. It's almost like we're celebrating our failures.

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Tom Keegan: Future as bleak as the present for Kansas football

Coach Beaty and Zenger are in place. Period. Friendly fire, public humiliations, pot stirring, bad press, and Tweeting our recruits to discourage them from attending KU is beyond stupid.

For people that claim to want good football, this is just dumb. Recruits read, too.

November 26, 2017 at 2:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley won't start Baker Mayfield vs. West Virginia

I know that not shaking hands is wrong, but I was kind of glad to see some fire against a team like OU. I guess I'll try to become a grown up now too. It's still a guilty pleasure.

How would the rest of the world act in their shoes? They're very frustrated. I've seen some fans say and do worse this year out of their frustration.

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Tom Keegan: Third year not the charm for Kansas football coach David Beaty

You are heavily invested, and of course outraged by the embarrassment. But, this is a man's life, and his wife and kids don't deserve to be subjected to public humiliation. So, in the spirit of what you have said (love for KU), this is not who we are, my friend.

October 24, 2017 at 3:08 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Tom Keegan: Third year not the charm for Kansas football coach David Beaty

Absolutely right, Karen. Why in the world would we disgrace someone that has given his life to improving the state of our athletics? The facilities that we have and stand to have thanks to him (Rock chalk Park, volleyball complex, the football facilities that WILL happen) are bigger accomplishments than what have had by previous AD's. And this is the thanks people propose to give? Really?

We all have opinions (and seemingly brilliant ideas), but that is WAY out of line.

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Jayhawks look forward to 'high stakes' prime time challenge at No. 4 TCU

Ian- that was a fantastic video. If that doesn't light a fire, your wood's wet.


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