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KU football adds 4 more commitments Saturday morning, bringing weekend haul to 6

Its early , and they haven't signed yet , but this class is ranked #21 at the moment .

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New lows: Jayhawks deal with disgust, frustration in 48-16 loss at Texas Tech

I've kept quiet about Beaty until now , but he's got to go . He's had his chance . This team is digressing instead of improving and this QB carousel is ridiculous . Its time to clean house . Same crap every game .

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How, and why, Albany guard Joe Cremo became one of the hottest targets in college basketball

Dedrick Lawson is NOT A SMALL FORWARD , your dead wrong . He was a center in HS and F/C at Memphis . 19.2ppg ~ 9.9rpg ~ 2.1bpg in his last year at Memphis , and 15.8ppg ~ 9.3rpg ~ 1.7bpg as a frosh . He's athletic and a good passer , but doesn't have the handles or quickness to play sf in college except maybe in a pinch , nor is he quick enough to guard the position , and in no way a sf in the league . The range for his jumper is 10-15 feet . A career 31% 3 pt shooter . NBA GMs see him as a POWER FORWARD and is listed as such in mock drafts that he's listed . His brother is a SF , but Dedrick is not . Dedrick Lawson = Darrell Arthur

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

Larry Brown gave Vincent Askew ( A Memphis State transfer who Brown was Recruiting ) money for a round trip plane ticket to see his ill grandmother in the amount of $364 which the NCAA was made aware of at the time . It was later determined 2 KU boosters also gave him additional cash for clothes , food , and lodging with all monies being a total of $1244.00 and being the main problem because all were considered impermissible benefits . Askew's grandmother passed away not long after and he ended up staying in Memphis and didn't transfer .

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Kansas City guard Ochai Agbaji to reveal college pick Thursday afternoon

Sorry Steve , but you're way off . Vick , Dok , and DeSousa will all definitely be back . Only one I could see leaving is Newman if he does well in pre draft workouts . Another possibility , although it would be a mistake is Cunliffe . He's not happy and with what we have coming in next season , and already have its going to be hard for him to see the court . All depends if he really wants to lose another year of eligibility by transferring .

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Freshman forward Billy Preston signs with European professional team, ends KU career

Disappointed in this result , but at least its over . I wonder if the announcement today has anything to do with Williamson's announcement tonight . This does open up another scholarship for Zion . We will know soon enough....

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Jayhawks to get second crack at Syracuse-style zone

This is a full game . James makes the first shot of the game with a dunk . Looks like hes out of shape a bit in this video , but hopefully he's in better shape now . Either way just having another big body cant do anything but help . He's like a poor mans Christian Moody , less athletic , but a stronger.

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No. 1 Jayhawks avoid Senior Night scare, beat Oklahoma

In the end all that matters is the W.... ROCK CHALK !!!!!

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With decision day nearing, analysts split down the middle on 5-star PG Trae Young

I'm hearing he's KU bound . He wants to have a chance at a NC and feels OU will not be in the position to compete for one next season . Rock Chalk Trae !!

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