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KU football target Peyton Newell to reveal finalists Saturday night

There seems to be a mostly-unacknowledged practice among blue chip recruits to keep their preferred in-state schools on their short list, even if they don't think they will end up at that school. Even if we end up on the short list, it will be hard to gauge where we actually stand, but it will keep the door open to Campo and Weis, and reflects well on the program, even if he goes elsewhere.

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Opinion: Wayne Selden sizes up recruits

The first two paragraphs can be translated into: "I'm going to tell you what WS thinks about his fellow recruits, but please note that WS became really bored with my interview before I could ask about CF and he blew me off."

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KU football lands commitment from East St. Louis linebacker

This is a solid step forward. We will need many more of these to compete with the top half of the league but this helps move us along toward respectable.

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Ravens sign KU’s Dayne Crist

Gotta believe that this bodes well for Weis recruiting. If he can get a guy an NFL contract with that kind of production, recruits should look at this and, this guy can get me a shot at playing on Sunday.

Now obviously people still see or hope to see the same kind of stuff in Dayne that we were looking for last year. Maybe it is only 10-20% Weis but recruits will notice that Weis brings more than just rings, he brings doors.

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The nation's reaction to top recruit Andrew Wiggins choosing Kansas

Jesse missed this little nugget from the Montreal Gazette (check out the headline).

Also, did you know that Wiggins is known as "Maple Jordan" in Ontario?

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'Pay Heed' returns with more KU dancing, locker room footage

Great contribution by W and JuJu. FOE!

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Realignment Today: Does the ACC's granting of rights agreement mean realignment is finally finished?

Nothing breaks contracts like money.

The waters may have smoothed but the pirates are still at sea.

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Crazy KU basketball uniforms selling like hot cakes — even Mario Chalmers wants one

I keep having flashes of "Nobody Buy The Blue Ones!!!" from Homestar Runner.

Its at about 30 seconds.

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What caught my eye at Saturday's practice: March 9 - Part II

I barely got through the Kindle snark and then you lost me when you called an ESPN article "elegant". I hope you feel better KJD. Good luck with your demons man.

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How former Jayhawks fared in March 11 NBA games

I assume you are not referring to the 15 point loss.

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