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McLemore sliding before Thursday’s NBA draft

A small slide only costs a "little" money on the first contract. The way your really lose money is getting yourself in a rotten situation for your rookie years and then your second contract is absent or much, much smaller and over few years than you could have otherwise received.

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How former Jayhawks fared in Game 6 of NBA Finals

I didn't watch that game. I saw highlights earlier today on the one-channel-to-rule-them-all but Chalmers was not in the picture (surprise, surprise). Looks like Chalmer's did great but that is not a PG stat line.

Speaking of ESPN (I know that no one asked, but...) I can't stand Stephen A, Colin Cowherd, and Skip Bayless. It is like ESPN is trying to out the political talking heads at their own game. It is just a total farce. Mike & Mike are OK if you are interested in listening to a commercial for hours on end. If ESPN didn't own so much of the must-see content, it would collapse on itself.

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KU football player Chris Martin dismissed from team

I'd like to see the "list of stipulations". Just curious, not implying anything.

What does a frequently troubled young man have to do to stay on the team?

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Joel Embiid happily signs for campers

I wish the headline photo on a nice article about JoJo doesn't have to be a photo of A&W. Just saying.

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Will Andrew Wiggins be over or under 18 points per game next season for KU?

This question could be: will Wiggins score between 25% to 30% of KUs points? I don't know if that would be a good thing. Wiggins will have his games and his numbers will be high, but with defenses keying onto him, the other guys are going to have their turn to pour it in. Also, Self likes a balanced attack. Will Air Canuck get to pull the trigger an average of 16 times a game, which is about would he'd need to average above 18 points? I hope not. I'd rather that Wiggins stays around a Rushesk 14-15 per game and the other 7 players in the rotation average another 2-4 points a game.

Last time I remember someone averaging more than 18 was Sherron in 09. That was because the options were thin and he had to shoot a lot. Something that I don't think bothered him.

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Opinion: Jayhawks old, new entertain in games

Tom. Prepare to be surprised.

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The biggest difference between Ben McLemore and Xavier Henry? Perception

Thank you Jesse. It is so interesting that the stats are so similar and following McLemore's decision to go pro most of the fans on this site are cheering him on and following Henry's announcement a significant portion were positive that he needed more time in college. Of course, we always love when guys return and none of us really know when someone is ready for the NBA, but the difference in fan attitude toward relatively similar fr-year output is interesting.

I think their team results may also play a factor.

With Henry's team (err...Sheron & Cole's team), we had national championship expectations from the start. Look at that roster again and it will surprise you again that we didn't win it all. But Cinderella crashed the ball and we ended up on the wrong side of the one shining moment video. I still remember that day. That plays a part in Henry's legacy and that isn't fair.

This year's team was all gravy. Still a tough loss in the end, but these guys were the unheralded overachievers. McLemore benefited from our relatively low (for KU) expectations of his team and by how much they exceeded them.

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Blue squad comes from behind to top Red alums, 91-76, at Bill Self basketball camp

Matt Tait. You have a blessed life.

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KU wins NCAA women's track title

What a great achievement. So impressed with this team. Kudos to the coaching staff and the administration as well. RCJH!

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