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Juco-heavy class brings immediate help to defense

JUCO players are not the problem. Moses out in Manhattan built winning teams for years by plucking the JUCO ranks, but he got the BEST JUCO players. Get the best or don't go at all!

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Borrowing walk-on from football team might not be bad idea for Kansas basketball

If for no other reason, it would be a good move because it gives you 5 more fouls to play with.

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Decisions coming tonight and Sunday for 2 Class of 2018 KU hoops targets

What is the latest on Zion Williamson?

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Sixth touted Louisiana prospect commits to KU football

Keep'em coming! RCJH!

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Say something nice about Kansas football: Faster tempo showing up

Learned an interesting fact when Coach Beatty spoke at the Chamber mixer last week. He said that last year he only had 5 guys that could run a 4.5 40 or faster. Now, he has 30 guys that can do it. Tempo is definitely picking up.

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Tom Keegan: If Big 12 expands, Florida is the place

The thing is 'making sense' of this went out the window a long time ago!

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Tom Keegan: If Big 12 expands, Florida is the place

Alright, here is the answer to what the Big 12 should do ;) Grow a pair and go for the 16 team conference NOW! Northern Division: KU, KSU ISU, WVU CINNCY, MEMPHIS, BYU AND CSU (Colorado State). Southern Division: OU, OSU, TX, TT, BAYLOR, TCU, UCF AND USF. You basically become the first NATIONAL conference, covering almost all time zones ( BYU and CSU are mountain zones, but have western area fans) FedEx jumps in and becomes our big dog sponsor for championship game. You pick up Florida market for recruiting and you have a national team in BYU. Show me the money!

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Redwine named top Big 12 coach

Among his teams accomplishments, you failed to mention a National Championship in 2013.

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Did Brannen Greene make the right decision in leaving Kansas?

I don't think it matters. Greene is a one-trick pony; he shoots 3's. If he had stayed, he wouldn't have seen anymore floor time than he had been receiving, especially now that Jackson is coming. He would not have improved his game much, if any. He probably won't get drafted, but he can go to the D-league and work on his shot and maybe learn to play some D.

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Say something nice about Kansas football

I still say that a full Memorial Stadium on game day, in the shadow of the Hill and the Campanile, is one of the most beautiful sites in all of college football.

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