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Recruit Ben McLemore making unofficial trips to finalists Kansas, Missouri

Hopefully we know for sure on both DD and B-Mc by the 1st.

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Darrell Wyatt linked to Texas?

Thanks for doing that Matt.

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Report: Three-star QB Brock Berglund decommits from Colorado, commits to KU football

A runner and thrower that can see over the O-line. Feel like that should work.

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Blue Valley West lineman Dylan Admire officially a Jayhawk

Looking at Rivals, it looks like we are doing okay at keeping our in state recruits close to home. We need to improve on this and just keep on keeping at home.

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas


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Coach’s strict style beneficial to former linebacker

I feel like the athletic department and the LJW want our football program to be run like a K-State, where the coach is more of a grandfather figure that you respect and listen to, and not like a Big XII south school and have it in your face, fierce and fiery football. This is a mans game and these guys should be able to take it. Football is much different than basketball, baseball, or volleyball. Every game, you have someone attempting to rip your head off, and if you can not handle the verbal abuse that is being brought to you by a 5'9" 300+ pound coach, how are you going to take the verbal and physical abuse brought to you by a 6'3" 235 pound linebacker?

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Jayhawks to hold clearance sale

Does anybody know what the prices will look like for these items?

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Don't overlook C.J.'s impact on KU

lighthawk-- very good comment, I believe that our starting 5 is going to be far and away number 1 this year, but our second five would be able to compete with everyone and beat many of the people that are on our schedule-- all i can say is Damn I am proud to be a Jayhawk

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KU pitcher Shaeffer Hall throws no-hitter in season-opener

Rock Chalk baby... that is great news... if we want to be considered one of the top sport schools in the nation, we need to get more baseball wins... look at texas and stanford, we can compete and beat them in mens basketball and football, our lady hoops are coming along, we just need to keep improving baseball and softball, and we can compete. Rock Chalk

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KU coach focusing on Iowa State, not KSU guard's actions

What is up with teh other Big XII north coaches getting punks and thugs? Look at Nebraska, K-State, Misseray. Do they think the only way to beat us is with hitting and slaping and playing dirty? That is messed up man!!

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