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Postgame Report Card: Oklahoma State 82, Kansas 64

I can not believe that Self is co-Big12 coach-of-the-year. I mean, this team has shown zero player development during the conference schedule. You have a soph big that is hopeless from the free throw line. And, after costing a game, the head coach says we need to work on his technique - no kidding! Why was this not fixed his freshman year? Sam is an excellent free throw shooter and drove the ball when he was at ASU. But, he has simply been left to rot on the bench. Same with Silvio, They need to get game experience in the last four minutes of the first half. And, Vick has seriously regressed from his freshman year. He does not drive the ball; he does not rebound anymore; and his current slump shooting 3 point shots shows a lack of confidence or rushing the shot. I get that this is a terrible defensive team that only has two players willing to drive the ball and get to the free throw line. So, they only win when they shoot better than 40% from the 3 point circle and the opponent shoots less than 30%. In other words, they will not win another game this year.

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

The F.B.I. makes their cases by locking people under oath into tight statements. And, then, the US Attorney indicts them, not for the original issue, but on charges of lying to the FBI.
Usually, the original crime is not what gets people prison time, it is usually the attempt to cover-up the truth. Remember ticketgate back in 2006. So, tonight the worry for KU fans is what is contained in the over 400 hours of wire tap conversations, in addition to all of the sport agent's computer and written records, that were made between the two cooperating witnesses and all of the Addias sponsored schools.
The FBI loves to release info over an extended period, drip by drip, to get others to flip.
Bottom line, the US Government, with unlimited resources, has decided to go to war on NCAA men's basketball. All big time Addias head coaches are in serious jeopardy. The US attorneys are not going to waste their time on mid-majors or losing programs. They will intentionally focus on the premier programs to get the biggest bang.

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5 stats that popped for Kansas in a problematic loss at Baylor

KU is a mentally and physically tired basketball team that shows little positive emotion. Watching KU play is like an episode of the "Walking Dead". They are just ...there. No defensive passion; no leadership being displayed.
Last 3 Games: Svi is 2-16 shooting 3s; Vick: 1-11; Newman: 5-20; Graham: 11-22.
In those games Svi and Vick, both good free throw shooters, managed to shoot just 9 combined free throws in more than 72 minutes on the floor (7-9, 78%)! Drive the ball!
Combined KU shot 74 threes (28.6%) in these games. The more frustrated they get about their shots not falling the weaker they play on defense. Sam and Silvio are going to have to play more minutes, just to allow these starters to rest. Go to a 3-2 and try to cover-up KUs poor defensive fundamentals.

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5 stats that popped for Kansas in a home loss to Oklahoma State

There may be a team chemistry issue with this group. Vick and Cunliffe have probably already made the decision to transfer. Early on, Vick seemed to go hard for rebounds. But, lately, he never drives the ball; does not take charges; and never attacks the offensive boards. And, yet he is probably the most athletic player on the floor during most games. Why the lack of aggression and effort? An excellent free throw shooter, in 755 minutes, he has only attempted 33 Free throws. Likewise, Svi in 787 minutes has also only taken 33 Free throws. This team simply does not battle or attack the hole. And, only Lightfoot is willing to give his body up to take charges. Very soft. So, a team that does not find a way to get to the free throw line. or attack the offensive boards, or get steals, (KU is averaging only 7 steals per game vs 12 TOs), is going to have to shoot threes at better than .40% to have a chance.

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5 stats that popped from KU's Sunflower Showdown road victory

The good free throw shooters are finally driving to the hole. When the threes stop falling, and shooting inevitably goes south with the legs, going aggressive to the rim can solve a lot of perimeter shooting issues.
And, you gotta love Lightfoot taking three charges in a single game. I don't think that either Newman or Svi have taken a charge all year. But, they are both doing a much better job going for rebounds.
Overall, this team is finally starting to play with aggression. Now, they just need to protect home court.

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Why can't KU guard Sam Cunliffe get on the floor?

Like Frankamp, Self has washed his hands of Sam. I doubt that 66 Sam will see any meaningful playing time this. year. Too bad he doesn't have a Dennis Rodman attitude towards rebounding. 6-6 should be adequate size to battle. And, I would assume that he, like so many guards before him, will move on to another opportunity. I think it is amazing how many players float through the KU program. Just as a note: Frankamp is averaging 12 ppg and has made 20 consecutive free throws. I don't see Marcus Garrett as a really tenacious man defender. He is a liability on the offensive end. Virtually zero offensive rebounds. And, he is only a 40% free throw shooter. That is the worse of any guard in the Big 12. Fortunately, he does not drive the ball at all, so his opportunity to shoot and miss FTs is limited. His good points; he seems to be a good defensive rebounder and he is a decent passer with a lot fewer TOs than either Vick or Svi, per minutes played. Basically, with Vick and Garrett seemingly incapable of scoring, KU has only four viable offensive options. They are playing four on five on the offensive end. And, Graham is the only one driving the ball and getting to the line. Which is real detriment, because Svi and Newman are better than 80%.

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Solution to Udoka's free-throw woes more physical than mental

In the 60-70s, Indiana HS players were taught either the Coach Sweet or Coach Dick Baumgartner free throw shooting concepts. My coach, taught Baumgartner. We even had a ball with hands painted in the proper location. I would disagree that the only option is to leave any player foundering with horrible mechanics.
At this point practicing is simply reinforcing a corrupt shooting technique. This has the real potential of destroying his aggression on offense. Shooting free throws effectively, regardless of hand size is a very simple set of 10 steps.
1. Right hand shooter: Place the outside of your right foot inside the nail at the center of the line. Toes on the line & turned at a 45 degree angle. Left foot stepped back with the toes even with the in-step of the right foot. Also, angled @ 45 degrees ( Baumgartner stressed this was necessary to unload your shoulders and get everything inline).
2. Constant routine: reach down wipe your hands on your socks (two large inhales and exhales) This gets you to flex your legs. Come up and wipe both hands are your hips and take two large inhales and exhales. This gets your shoulders properly aligned. Fixate on the two center net hoops at the top of the rim. At this point you never take your eyes off this target.
3. Accept the ball. Remember, the refs can not rush you. Rule allows you a max of 15 seconds to accept the ball. Do not rush the process.
4. Take two dribbles without taking your focus off the target.
5. Place your shooting index finger on the seam above the air valve. Your non-shooting hand fingers rest 90 degrees to the left. of the finger tips of your shooting hand. Only finger tips should be in contact with the ball. Take a max breath bend your knees with the ball going just below waist level.
6. Exhale as you come up in one motion releasing the ball with your elbow just above your right eye level.
7. Your elbow at point of release is tight to your side, wrist full flexed to the rear.
8. impart a sharp wrist snap with all fingers pointed down with the wrist at release.
9. Hold your follow thru wrist snap until the ball goes through the net.
10 You should end up on your toes. the feet should not move laterally.
Do not move off the line between shots. Repeat the above process with the second shot.
You should practice has you play. Which means you never take more than two practice shots at any time. If you miss. you make yourself run steps. You should always practice your free throw shot when your are winded. Once your mechanics are clean. Then, it comes down to focus and mental aggression (killer instinct). Some players never develop the ability to focus completely. But, those, like Newman, that have the killer instinct could probably be able to help Dok, Vick and Garrett become better Free throw shooters. If the Coach refuses to fix this disaster. then, Newman should.

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Lon Kruger deflects questions on ‘Hack-a-Dok’ strategy

This coaching decision ranks right up there with leaving Elijah Johnson in the game after three consecutive turnovers in the last three minutes of the Michigan game and blowing a 12 point lead. And, of course the rattled player, a 72% free throw player, missed the front end of what would have been a game winning free throw. I can only think that Coach felt that Elijah had earned to be in at the close, because of his heroics in Ames.
The concern should be that Dok is not KU's only horrible free throw shooter. The only positive is that only Newman and Graham are making any effort to get to the line. They are both shooting FTs at better than 85%. In 676 of 800 possible minutes, Svi has only shot 26 FTs (.731%). Talk about a lack of aggression! Vick 29 attempts in 658 minutes , horrible .655%. Garrett has played 422 minutes and attempted 25 FTs, at a Dok level .480%.
So, with Lightfoot shooting FTs at better than 82%, why was he not on the floor? And, Sam Cunliffe, an excellent FT shooter, is no where to be found. Why?

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Tom Keegan: Stone-faced Red Raiders not typical visitors to fieldhouse

The total lack of intensity both in driving the ball and going for offensive rebounds is troubling. Too many of Tech's offensive boards were obtain by their guards - not their big guy. Too many times the KU players seem to be frozen with poor footwork and positioning. Fundamentally, basketball comes down to which group is willing to battle harder. This year, how many times have you seen anyone take a charge, or dive on the floor, or set a hard pick. Purdue's Keady used to keep two football walk-ons on his squad. He would insert them just to punish the opponents front court. The point is basketball is not supposed to be about just perimeter shooting. You are supposed to want to control the backboards and punish your opponents.
The good news is that OSU and ISU are rebuilding this year. So, KU still has potential road wins to make up for this home loss. But, KU players need to come with more fire and purpose and not simply expect to win on back cuts, dunks and three point shooting. They need to get mean on offense, aggressive on defense, and get to the free throw line.

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Box score: Texas Tech 85, Kansas 73

This current KU team will lose any game that they fail to make better than .40% 3FG%.
Why? They are totally passive and soft. TT guards, all same size as KUs, 6 OF Rebounds. We got 1. The entire KU team took zero charges. Graham did a better job of driving the ball. No one else bothered. The lack of aggression is obvious by the simple fact that two decent FT shooters, Svi and Lagerald, did not drive the hole once. In more than 68 combined minutes they shot zero FTs.
Their passing is an abomination- total lack of focus. A senior throwing a lazy in-bound pass?
Imagine what Bob Knight would of done to Svi!
TT plays a BK type hard nose motion offense where everyone is constantly moving with a purpose, setting down screens, driving the ball, crashing the boards and getting to the line. A very simple offense. KUs 4-5 stars can not be bothered diving for loose balls, setting screens or crashing the offensive boards. They just stand along the 3 point arc chucking up jump shots.
Get ready, because TCU, WVA and OU all have the same toughness -with bigger and better athletes than TT. And, they all rebound and get to the line at a high frequency. And, WVA is playing really good pressure defense - better than last year's team.

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