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Top-seeded Jayhawks gearing up for Sweet 16 showdown in Chicago

actually i decided to join your team. i found this link

and then decided the write the NCAA telling them that they and no one else should care since the year each team started differs and therefore the comparison is moot.

I'll let you know how the NCAA responds. Guessing, given their track record, it will be in short order.

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Top-seeded Jayhawks gearing up for Sweet 16 showdown in Chicago

Wow--a lot there.

i didn't say light discussion points only. Only that it was a light discussion point especially compared to the others you listed and didn't find it a big deal.

i didn't bother looking for pro teams or colleges but i also don't know any other pro team from the sunflower state playing another team from the sunflower state. granted there are some colleges but whatever--again didn't seem like that big of deal when i watched it and my kids actually liked them---i was indifferent.

it means something to some people...can't that just be enough. Or do you need to be authority and tell people what items should mean to them? by all means that's probably worthwhile endeavor and you'll really get somewhere on that.

i do skip some of your posts but some i really like. These ones are just a broken record which is fun.

all the best,

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Top-seeded Jayhawks gearing up for Sweet 16 showdown in Chicago

it's interesting that uniforms and all times wins are a trigger.

the wins seem nice--someone has to have it and just a fun thing to talk about in light discussion. The uniforms feel inconsequential in the schemes of things.

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Wild Sunday leaves pair of double-digit seeds on bottom half of KU's region as the Jayhawks head to Chicago for the Sweet 16

setting up for the team to play extremely tight and buried under expectations which may lead to paralysis. can't wait.

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Kansas' Ochai Agbaji unanimous pick as AP's Big 12 Player of the Year

you know better than me as I didnt watch too many games that KU was not in but surprised to see CB on that 1 line. I know he did a lot of great things--just a little surprised.

historically i feel when a team has 3 players in the top 10 of the big 12 (like you have here) i would most of the time think the team is a very high probability to reach the final 4. just looking last year at Baylor no way those first teamers weren't willing that team the F4.

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TCU bullies No. 6 Kansas, 74-64, dropping Jayhawks into 2nd place in Big 12 race

a very common theme is emerging when this team plays a physical and athletic team. This latest incarnation of boys versus men is probably not the last.

We saw this with KU against UK, TU, BU (2nd time) and now TCU--they just have a hard time competing in these types of games--they seem to wilt and lose composure.

I am 50/50 they win the next two games. It would surprise me if they lost both but no surprise they lose at least one and miss out on a share. Baylor is looking good lately and doubtful they lose to ISU.

In regards to the NCAA this team can still make the F4 given, as we know, anything can happen in March but once in the F4 they are almost guaranteed to meet a team like the above and that will be the end of the season.

good luck!

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KU junior Christian Braun releases apparel line bearing his name

glad to see him taking advantage of his NIL.

I hope his is being conscience of the where and how the shirts are produced and just not exploiting cheap labor.

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Ochai Agbaji's 20 points and full stat sheets earns top spot after double-digit win over OSU

"was better at the free throw line, knocking in four of his six attempts." i am older but growing up and shooting 67% (effectively a D grade wise) would have earned me a lot of running during and after practice--especially as guard.

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KU athletic director predicts some challenging financial years as Big 12 Conference reorganizes

not sure i would be putting this on professors-start with the administration-given the current state of education in the US we need more professors and more people attending university.

it's no coincidence that ever since they passes the law that student loans were not able to be eliminated under bankruptcy laws that tuition has increased 4X! they have turned higher education into a racket!

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10th-ranked Jayhawks bounce back from tough home loss with complete road win at Iowa State

round these parts i can't tell if this is a joke or serious.

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