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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Last year's elite UK squad didn't do so hot. Nat Champs to NIT first round bounce to Robert Morris.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Hawks didn't help with all the bricks tossed from the FT line.

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Highlights, dance videos from Late Night in the Phog

Thanks Jesse for the vids.

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Selden: Late Night visit made impression

I think the Saints gonna turn their luck around in the Windy City this weekend. The D finally looked good against Miami Monday night and with Brees and his vast assortment of receivers it don't look good for da Bears.

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Selden: Late Night visit made impression

Well this is just a tad off topic, but did anyone else see The Blue Grass Boys on Discovery last night? Are these boys typical Kentucky fans or do you think they even know what UK stands for?

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Selden: Late Night visit made impression

Couldn't find my alligator pic so here's my best bud.

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Freshman KU basketball player on diversion following July citation

Always told my boys if you can't do it before midnight you don't need to be doing it because nothing good ever happens after midnight. And as long as they lived under my roof midnight was the limit. Sounds strict and fuddy-duddy but it helped get them out of the house. Had one move out after I gave him 3 days to mow the back yard or find another roof to sleep under.

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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA

An NBA hc is not a coach. He's a babysitter. To this day I don't understand why a great college hc would even consider an NBA hc position. Is a little more money worth the emotional/physical drain of the long NBA season? Unless of course he doesn't like being at home.

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KU, UK basketball vying for prep Oubre

I would think letting dad handle media questions takes away some of the hassle involved in recruiting and lets the kid focus on his hs bb and grades. He answers enough questions when he's at various tournaments and camps.

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KU hoops Boot Camp starts today

Or more recently, Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.

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