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Kansas football takes down Texas, brings intrigue to final month of Lance Leipold's first season; What now?

Not. Check it. When Beatty left, his last class, a majority of the transfers graduated and the team roster went from a majoriy of non-local players with a ton of transfers to having more than 50% of the players being from Kansas and Missouri and less than 10 transfers. Beatty's last year Senior class was comprised mostly of graduating transfers, if memory serves it was 18. I wrote about this often over two years ago. What Miles was left when he got here was a large young Sophomore and Freshman group mostly local along with returning out of state 3 star athletes like Pooka. But, with KU flipping coaches so much many of the Juniors and Sophomore transferred. Which is why now, and again, Leipold has such a young group. The difference this time is Covid allowed for Super Seniors and now KU has the opprotunity to catch up in the scholarship department.

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Kansas football takes down Texas, brings intrigue to final month of Lance Leipold's first season; What now?

Matt please correct me I don't have access to the scholarship list and maybe you do. But, from what I can tell there are 78 rated players on the roster. Almost all 3 star players and I would think that all or most have scholarships. Which is a very good number by the way. A lot more than what people think. IMO, this is the case because 1. Beatty and Miles both recruited big Freshman classes and then redshirted quite a few players. 2. Covid allowed players to return as Super Seniors so the portal played less a role than it normally would. <br><br>
So, it appears to me there are 35 combined Freshmen/ Freshmen Red Shirts, 17 Sophomores, 18 Seniors, and 8 Juniors. Hence we are young. With the 18 Seniors leaving KU returns 60 and Leipold if he wants can recruit a full class of 25 to give KU 85 scholarship players in 2022. However, with the low number of Juniors becoming Seniors and the 35 Freshmen returning, I expect 8 to 10 of this years Freshmen to redshirt next year allowing Leipold to add 15-18 new Freshmen plus 5 to 7 scholarships to go to upper classmen portal transfers to fill holes.<br><br> By the end of 2022 it appears to me that KU will be at capacity and will no longer need portal players to fill holes.

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Kansas football takes down Texas, brings intrigue to final month of Lance Leipold's first season; What now?

I tell you what now. Two more games and we recruit and sign more players and then finally get time enough to prepare for next season.

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'That was Jared, wasn't it?': KU football reserve walk-on Jared Casey makes game-winning catch at Texas

Congrats to Casey, Daniels, the Whole Team! Great Job!<br><br>
Just goes to show even a walk-on can win a game. To all you nay-sayers saying KU has to recruit better athletes...while that may be true...I wonder how many 4 and 5 star players were on Texas' team this year. How about those better athletes? It sure did help Texas in this game didn't it! After all, a 5 star or 4 star player couldn't possibly get beat by a walk-on or by KU's 3 star roster now huh! When I coached young athletes, in determining starters, inevitably I had a few better athletes that were not quite as motivated as some other players, having less talent, that kept getting the job done no matter how ugly it looked. Good coaches motivate, recognize success, and provides opportunity. Texas wasn't motivated, and they played like they were out of gas. KU was motivated and didn't give up and ggot the opportunities. IMO, WOW!!! Leipold and company appear to be the real deal.

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Champions Classic victory leaves Kansas point guard Remy Martin pleased with KU debut

I have no issue with feeding DMac. Even if he is a bit inconsistent and awkward to the bucket he draws attention and it just opens things up for Braun and Martin. Plus, Mac is only getting better.

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No. 3 Oklahoma rallies for 35-23 road win over KU football

No, better athletes did not just beat us. OU does have some better talent but KU has plenty of talent to do the job and is getting better because they are beggining to learn Leipold's system. The reason we lost is we made too many mistakes.

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4-star big man Ernest Udeh Jr. commits to Kansas basketball

I can hardly wait for when Ernest goes to Camp!

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'Everyone's got to own it': KU football looking for numerous improvements after bye week

I understand your desire to tell the coaches what plays to run.....because I do too. There are plays and offensive systems designed to run out the clock and to compensate for not having as much athletic talent. I was hoping we might hire a coach that was going to install one of those systems. But that's not what happened and I have a feeling that Leipold and company are the real deal we just need to give them some time. At this point, I tell myself we just have to understand, KU had limited time to prepare in the offseason, and those plays are not really in Leipold's playbook, and running those plays is counter productive and takes away from running and learning plays that Coach Leipold intends to use in the future. So look, the season is done. This is good practice. We are not going to win this year. We might as well get as much practice and do as well and possible and try and win some practice games while learning our new play book and system. And fffffff, is it painful and ugly!!!

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IARP timeline in Kansas basketball infractions case includes key developments but few details from past 16 months

Yep, kind of what I thought. The NCAA, opinionated and marxist, with all of the compalints against them, as well as their history of being unfair, create some "other entity" so they can wash their hands, dump it on some "other entity", leave them holding the bag with no idea on what to do, while hopefully making themselves look good.<br><br>
KU has a pretty good case for "Due Process" and right to speedy proceedings.

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Notebook: KU football DC Borland hopes former 4-star prospect Parker can get up to speed

I hope he does too! I hope he blitz's every chance he gets. Let's let him learn and get ready to beat his man for next year. Might as well use this year to perfect basic skills as well as burn-in group of basic plays and the correct execution into the minds ot every returning defensive player.

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