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Proactive approach critical for KU if Oklahoma and Texas really do leave the Big 12

I think A&M will somehow block Texas from joining the SEC. OU will likely get in. UT knows it won't be welcomed back in the Big 12 so it will then look to the B1G or Pac-12. My guess is KU, UT, and maybe ISU to the B1G and they give Rutgers the boot. Rutgers will land in a lower tier conference where they belong. WVU to the ACC. Then Baylor, Tech, TCU, OSU, and KSU will be fighting for 4 spots to get the Pac-12 to 16. Or OSU could follow OU to the SEC and allow the other 4 to all get into the new Pac-16. RIP Big 12...

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Report: NCAA seeking more FBI information in college basketball corruption scandal for its own investigation

Curious if DeSousa could transfer to a NAIA school for a year and then transfer back to KU without having to sit out any additional time upon his return? Not sure of the transfer rules between NAIA and NCAA. It would free up a scholarship for KU for next year and allow Silvio a chance to at least play some form of competitive basketball. If he's committed to playing his final season of eligibility at KU, maybe it's best for him to stay and practice against the KU guys and make everyone better. I can't imagine the NCAA could stop him from playing in the NAIA since it's a separate entity. Feel bad for the kid. It would be a nice middle finger to the NCAA if he was able to find a loophole of some sort. A loophole that doesn't result in him playing professionally overseas next year.

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KU offense showing progress under coordinator Doug Meacham

But we trailed most games all of last season by more than 3 scores and still finished 102nd in offense. So the fact that we're moving the ball and scoring after we get down big is still an improvement from last year. It's still not where we need to be, but it's something. Improvement on defense is going to be key if we want another win this season. And some early offensive success to keep the defense off the field longer might help too.

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So what happens if Svi leaves Kansas?

I could see Preston playing on the perimeter enough like Jackson did last season. So while he's taller and they likely won't call it a 4 guard lineup, I could see the offense working similarly to the way it did in 16/17. That doesn't mean Preston will be the next Josh Jackson, but he could be versatile enough to play that role well enough for us to duplicate last year's success with limited post players. I also don't see Preston being able to match Josh's intensity, but I think Self will get him to play hard.

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A look at how minutes might be distributed for 2017-18 Kansas basketball team

Do we have any leads on any other recruits or graduate transfers? If Coleby and Svi don't return, that leaves us with only 9 scholarship players for 2017-2018. Throw in the possibility of Preston being ineligible as some have suggested and the roster is getting pretty thin.

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KU one of the leaders for Cal transfer Charlie Moore?

I have to believe Coach Self might want another eligible player for next season as opposed to a 3rd player sitting out due to transfer rules. Seems unlikely that Chuck is coming to Lawrence unless we just can't find anyone else for the last scholarship.

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KU's Svi Mykhailiuk declares for NBA Draft, won't hire agent

Tilmon is 2017 recruit. He would not need to sit out. He signed a LOI with Illinois, but asked for a release when they fired their coach. KU was on his list before committing to Illinois. Self should have a good shot at landing him.

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KU's Svi Mykhailiuk declares for NBA Draft, won't hire agent

I agree that going into next season with only 4 bigs seems a little light. Especially if there would be another serious injury during the season to one of them. But maybe Self really liked the 4 guard lineup this year and is planning to incorporate more of that again next season. Maybe not quite as much as this year but I could see a 50/50 split between the 4 guard lineup and the more traditional 3 & 2. If Svi leaves, I think he goes after one of each. If Svi stays, it could be a coin flip. He may lean big, but if a guy like Duval says he wants to come, how do you turn that down?

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Devonte' Graham announces he's returning to Kansas for senior season

Having them sit out a year will work out well as they'll be eligible after Graham, Svi, and possibly Dok leave KU. So assuming Svi comes back, does this leave us with only one available scholie? Guessing that will go to one more big. Jeremiah Tilmon would be a nice addition to the recruiting class. He evidently had KU on his list prior to choosing Illinois.

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Hall of Fame Material: Larry Brown 'in awe' of Bill Self's stellar run at Kansas

What's wrong with waiting a couple days before you start firing off angry tirades on the message boards demanding that Bill Self be fired? You are a chicken little.

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