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Packed Memorial Stadium made moving to 4-0 even sweeter for Kansas football players

Really, really happy for the guys who have been in this program for four and five years. To see all of that hard work and commitment actually bear fruit must be incredibly rewarding. They've earned a little love. RCJHK!

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Career-best performance by Jalon Daniels spurs Kansas to home win against Duke

Great day in college football yesterday. Big 12 goes 2-0 vs. the SEC, KU sells out in a battle of unbeatens, WVU and TCU with really good non-con wins, and the KU qb continues to draw national attention due to his prolific skills. As a bonus: Missouri loses a game in epic fashion. What a beautiful day!

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Matt Tait: It's time for Kansas football to lock up Lance Leipold

Don't really agree with the strategy of locking him up right now - the equivalent of buying high. Remember Tony Hull?

The price to keep Leipold isn't going up, unless this magical run gets crazy, almost fictionally good. There are really just three levels of pay: good (where Leipold is), insanely good (Sabanesque) and somewhere in-between. To get the crazy money, Leipold would have to be insanely great this year. If in-between money is the right level, then waiting a few games won't make a difference.

Onto homecoming.....ISU will be a real test - they gave the conference favorites a tough run in Waco. As far as the empty seats in the bowl go, they should do what they used to do at the Coliseum for the Raiders - cover them up. Seriously, Get some huge Jayhawk tarps and cover those unsold seats - they look terrible on television.

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Still Unbeaten: Kansas football tops Duke 35-27 to move to 4-0 on the season

Beat the spread, showed enough toughness to keep 'em out on the last drive. Great home win. Homecoming is up next!

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Week 4 preview: Kansas' expectations, excitement growing entering game vs. Duke

Ryan, thanks for the link. Excellent story. Sounds like an excellent hire by Duke.

Listened to Gary Barnett on Thursday, he thinks we will win but he said it will be closer than the spread. After reading about Elko, I tend to agree with Barnett. I'm guessing that they'll have some defensive surprises for us, and it might be a bit of a chess match between our offense play-calling and their defensive play-calling. On the plus side, this team has shown great resilience, they may need that today.

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With words and wardrobe, Kansas football coach Lance Leipold continues to emphasize team above everything in wake of Jayhawks 3-0 start

So.....Koch and the Magats, with blessings from Magat Board of Regents, are on their way to destroy Emporia State. White Racist president, with an undergraduate degree, is decimating the English department as a sort of advanced-level book burning. If you care about KU, a FREE STATE University, then you must care about Emporia State. And if you don't, then you are bryce. And I hope to meet you one day face-to-face.

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Kansas QB Jalon Daniels named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week

An incredible performance and a great choice for the award.

So, the team is in a weird place that it hasn't been in a long, long, long, long time. They are a home favorite against an undefeated P5 team, they received votes in the top 25 poll, and they have the possibility of a sold-out stadium. It is a a whole different thing to deal with.

My prediction is that we fall behind 14-0 approximately 7 minutes into the game and then score a gazillion over the last 3.5 quarters.

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Matt Tait: Don't look now, but the Kansas football offense is a whole lot of fun again

The coach k stuff has to stop. That's a purple kitty move, not a Mighty Jayhawk.

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Jalon Daniels' masterful performance leads Kansas to emphatic 48-30 win at Houston

Heckuva win and a fantastic performance all around. The stadium will be full on Saturday. Guaranteed. Wow. Just wow.

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KU volleyball greats Havili, Payne back in town to have jerseys retired

My goodness, reading those accolades......It's a reminder to enjoy greatness while it is in front of you. Congratulations. RCJHK!

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