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Lineup versatility at an all-time high with new-look Kansas basketball roster

It is always fun this time of the year to mess with the lineups and think about what could be. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the coaches meetings for the next several months and hear what they are thinking along the way. The interesting part for me is that Self mentioned at the end of last year the the team needed to get blown up and get more athletic, etc. There is no doubt he has done that and beyond what we all thought was possible. As I look at Matt's first lineup, the interesting part for me is that with the exception of Remy (who makes a big difference) we still have a team that is limited at getting down hill to finish or pass. That lineup is probably just a good strong college basketball team in the top 25. For us to be Final Four great I think we need a different lineup getting the lions share of the minutes. I'm curious if Self was also referring to his starters when he talked about changes. I say this because what limited this team last year was its ability to get down hill with his guards. He addressed this by getting Yesufu/Remy and I think its going to be hard keeping both of these guys off the floor or another guard that steps up to attack. Self wants to create high FG % opportunities and this happens with play makers on the floor. Given what I have seen from the past, Ochai/Braun/Wilson are not playmakers that consistently get down hill to score and pass. They are limited in ball handling and passing ability. I know there are other factors like rebounding, defense, deflections, chemistry etc. There is also the drama of "well he started last year, so he should start this year" issue that plays out even at the college level. Given what I've seen and have not seen, below is who I would roll out from day one and make adjustments from there.

PG: Remy (Harris)

Combo: Yesufu (Pettiford)

Combo: Ochai (Braun) (Cuffe Jr.)

4: Coleman-Lands (Wilson) (KJ Adams)

5: DMac (Cam) (Lightfoot) (Clemence)

RCJH!! Looking forward to a fun season.

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'Something has to change': No. 9 Kansas drops third consecutive game after 75-68 road loss to Oklahoma

I've found that the our guys do not take advantage and punish people for trying to take away their strengths and don't think they are even good enough to take advantage when a team takes away their strength. I will also say that Marcus is not an effective offensive player because his defender just clogs up the paint. For example.... Ochai has proven himself as a consistent knock down shooter this year, but doesn't pump fake and get into the lane and finish (ever). Or a least pass to get the defense moving or open shot. Same case for Braun. I would be interested in the stats for how many finishes in 1/2 court with defense set and FT's that Ochai and Braun have on the season. Also- Wilson and Garrett are the most consistent drivers, but not nearly as consistent shooters, so defenders are prepared to keep them in front and dare them to shoot. Bottom line our opponents are playing the odd's in the scouting report and we don't have even one complete player to make them pay. This lands us as an average team. Think about Baylor and Gonzaga. They have multiple players that are complete players at driving, shooting and even playing defense. We can still be competitive because of coaching and some talent, but our guys need to make big jumps in their overall game to take us to National Championship caliber. Right now we just aren't there.

Here is the scouting report for other teams. Do you think teams are afraid of this?
Ochai- shooter only and above average defender, make him dribbler and passer as he is not a good passer.
Garrett- driver only, excellent defender. Anticipate his spin and bring help. Let him shoot.
Wilson- driver and shooter but inconsistent (closest to complete player)
Braun- shooter only and average defender, may him drive, not strong ball handler.
McCormack/Lightfood/Enaurna/BryceT.- Average at everything and not great at anything.
Harris Jr.- distributer only, above average defender, make him shoot.

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March Sadness reigns supreme with cancellation of NCAA Tournament

Is there a chance this could be re-visited and resume the NCAA tournament in mid April?

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Benton Smith: Devon Dotson delivers again in his likely fieldhouse finale

I agree on the Dotson take. He is one of the top guards in the country, but he's kind of trapped based on other players like him that have been drafted and have not been able to make it in the NBA. Namely, Frank Mason. Frank was a better overall player his senior year than Dotson is as a soph and that doesn't bode well for Devon. Devon needs to take the Devonte track and continue to develop his shot and become a better passer. Those two areas are keeping him from being a sure fire 1st rounder. As far as Ochai..... don't get me started. He gets his token 6-10 pts when the game is decided. Apart from that he is a turnover machine and is not a consistent threat to score at all. He may have a shiny game here or there, but don't get excited that he's gonna have a Malik Newman type run. RCJH!!!

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KU forward Silvio De Sousa suspended indefinitely

This is not acceptable in any way shape or form and I will agree with Jay Williams take that in the heat of an altercation you are not thinking clearly. Silvio should be suspended, but I believe he was trying to show as much restrain as possible until Love came in along with a few other K-State players. Silvio should not have escalated the situation and should not have picked up a stool. All this to say....... I'm interested to know what is worse. Players making bad decisions in these bench clearing situations when everyone is trying to defend themselves or a guy like Grayson Allen at Duke who repeatedly trips and acts unsportsmanlike over and over again. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe one tripping occurrence event took place from the bench, which would be the complete opposite end of an escalated situation.

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'He was the difference': Devon Dotson returns to help No. 6 Kansas top Texas on the road

I'm not trying to be a downer in the midst of finding a way to win, but we flat out need more production from our guards on the perimeter. I agree with the confidence for Ochai, but at this level it needs to be more cut throat. Ochai has been given more than enough chances and needs to have a seat. I don't get excited when he has a bit of a breakout game, because its going to be 4 games of below average play. Dotson's mid range and 3pt shot needs to improve as well to get us to where we need to be.

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'He was the difference': Devon Dotson returns to help No. 6 Kansas top Texas on the road

Still waiting for Ochai to show up...... He should be coming off the bench after Moss and Braun. I can already see our loss in the NCAA tournament and what it looks like. The other team limits our inside scoring a bit and Ochai and Dotson are unable to keep defensives honest enough to make shots consistently. Garrett, Dok, David and the rest of the crew are consistently reliable, but a combined 7/22 and 1/7 from three for Dotson and Ochai is not going to cut it. I'd love to see a breakdown of their perimeter shooting and turn overs from Dotson and Ochai and compare it to other top guards in the Big 12 and the country.

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Baylor defeats Kansas to capture first win at Allen Fieldhouse, 67-55

What is holding this team back and will keep us from a Final Four

1. Devon is not as good a guard as talked about.
2. Ochai Is average combo guard at best.
Enough said.

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No. 3 Kansas earns tough win over No. 16 West Virginia in Big 12 opener

Back to the game here all.... Is anyone concerned that Ochai and Dotson have settled into average players. I would say there is a real possibility that both will be back next year. Neither of them are a consistent threat from the perimeter and Dotson has been so carless with the ball at crucial times. The rest of our team has improved and has played consistently and have improved. IMO what is holding us back from begin great and reaching our ceiling is Dotson and Ochai and based on what I've seen I don't think they are going to get there. I hope I'm wrong. Just taking care of the ball alone, if these two were better with the ball we would be undefeated right now. They had 11 of our 28 turnovers vs. Duke and 5 of our 12 vs. Villanova. This is unacceptable for a backcourt at this level. I know they play a ton of minutes, so these numbers are naturally higher, but most of the turnovers are not due to great defense, but silly fundamental mistakes. I'm excited to see what happens with this team in the new year, but we all need to realize that this team will go as far as Ochai and Dotson take us. Offensively, Defensively and taking care of the ball by setting up teammates. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. RCJH!!

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The latest with KU's ongoing recruiting efforts of some top-tier talent

Isaac McBride is gonna turn heads when he arrives on campus. He is blue collar and doesn't have all the fan fair like these other guys. No expectations and he will surprise the fans.

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