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Robert Murphy bobbysfissure


ralsterKUMed95 13 years, 6 months ago

bobbyfissure,Everyone is certainly entitled to his/her opinion. I think what irked me the most was the blatantly disrespectful tone, to a championship-winning KU Alumni, no less. To say someone couldn't "carry someone's jock strap" or "master of the sloppy pass", I felt was harsh--I am well aware of his statline in the tournament, but he simply did not need to score, because of who he had around him. Why, oh why, was Collins off the bench and not Robinson last year? What was it that Bill Self saw that kept Collins from being a starter last year? Hmm? You are entitled to think whatever you want and rationalize it to your personal satisfaction--we all do that. But to take a low and needless swipe at probably one of the most beloved KU players in the last few years (along with DJackson, etc...) on a pro-KU blog will surely invite dissenting commentary, and support for one of our heroes, wouldn't it? And I dont really care about 2 off games--you are essentially talking about someone's legacy: Why did Self give Russell the reigns of the team for 2 years (two. years.). That fact alone refutes your hateful statement: "Robinson wasnt leading anyone anywhere." My summarization, certainly more accurate than yours is: Russell led the team to the final 3 games, and his team came through for him at precisely the time he/we needed them to. You cannot, sir, discount the total number of wins in the past two years by bringing up 2 subpar performances by 1 player. Arent you proud of ALL of them last year? Are you really an Alumni, sir? People were trying to name a player for reference, or even a recent benchmark for the point-guard, and they brought up Russell. A few years ago it was Aaron Miles. In a few years it will be Sherron & Tyshawn. Do not fear, as the current group will build their own legacy. No sir, "stop with the RusRob BS", is not what WE were doing--it is what YOU did. Go back and read your needless post, and reconsider your harshness to our memory of Russell Robinson. What is amazing, is after all those years of watching KU bball, you can harbor such feelings towards an integral member of last years team that brought it all home for us? I have been watching/playing basketball since my college days in the mid-80s, and I would say Russell made occasional, but very few mistakes. Certainly less than Sherron is making so far this year--but I love Sherron too, and he will be FINE once these freshmen come along... I think we both could agree, that any opinion you or I would have, could be expounded on or corrected very candidly by Bill Self. I think I heard him say about Russell last year over and over: "he manages the game better than anyone we have". That is all you or I need to remember about Russell--and the ring, and the banner...Take care.ralsterKUMed95 (on this new site, its just "ralster", for simplicity's sake...)

Robert Murphy 13 years, 4 months ago

Thank you for the very thoughtful reply. I realize that in the future I need to be careful about what I say.

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