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Notebook: Jayhawks will turn their attention to NCAA tournament after loss to Cyclones

If these freshmen stick around together, this could be the best freshman class I have ever seen. Devon is already showing Mason. Dave, we know how good he is. Ochai will even it out and Grimes will come around. Plug in Hurt and whoa. We still have a junior class that anyone in the country wishes they could have. And the possibility that for once nobody is forced out to transfer. A team that plays together.

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Shooting struggles doom Kansas in loss to Iowa State during Big 12 title game

don't spread rumors without truth. you aren't the karen or the chad. then you put down the entire team for a rumor you heard? you know what a theory is? it's an idea someone puts into other people's heads. vax, climate change, flat earth. all bar or internet people who have childish ideas.

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Shooting struggles doom Kansas in loss to Iowa State during Big 12 title game

I like Iowa St fans a lot better than ksuk or misery. They have been the best possible rival for the last few years and are cordial about it. I'm glad it was them and nobody else.

Lawson brothers, I hope you two come back. As with everyone right now. People are saying we have a weak recruiting team but who thinks they can take a spot on this team? Our recruits are going to be insane if they want to fight their way to the floor. HUNGRY.

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Bring on the pressure: Young Jayhawks bracing for different feel in postseason play

say what you will but these frosh are exciting. dotson is a frank mason type leader. baji is obviously underrated. dave is going to come out stomping next year. grimes will get it together instead of stat pumping points after the fact.

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With most of rotation unproven in March, unpredictable postseason awaits Jayhawks

this is how this team laid down. on the floor when no idea how to pimp ku style.

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'That's a big move for us': Corione Harris excited about what Les Miles has in store for KU

dang harris. i want to see players excited like this. we will bring the basketball fanbase if ku football brings players. :)

and some parking? the entire parking lot can't be paid access with everyone having to climb the hill.

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KU's Dedric Lawson named District VI Player of the Year

since when do we have districts? this is a pretty sad award for the top scorer and rebounder in the conference. nice participation trophy millenial.

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Bill Self: KU senior Lagerald Vick not expected back from leave of absence

my favorite players always turn out like this. what kind of problem could keep you from 4 months of starting a money career? 3 and a half years away, now suddenly dude, you fam needs you, no job, keep school up. no future. self should just say he was dismissed.

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KU's Dedric Lawson named Big 12 Newcomer of the Year

at least psycho naked announcer wasn't doing his thing this year.

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KU's Dedric Lawson named Big 12 Newcomer of the Year

Our senior abandoned us. NCAA f'd us while not taking last year's wins. Dedric of anyone did carry his team. AND posted the best stats. Shame on Self for selling the other players this year. Take out him and K.J. and we are lucky to practice last year and do anything this year. I hope k and d still think enough of the fans to come back for another year. Put a banner up men.

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