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Opinion: Weis' schemes give KU edge

Wait, wait, wait, you mean to tell me that trying to run a pro style offense in college with less than average talent hasn't been working? Crazy we had success spreading the field a little bit. Why exactly did we wait 10 games to try it again? Honestly I think a lot of it has to do with Charlie's ego. The guy has super bowls yada yada. But really, this isn't the NFL.. Good to see he swallowed his pride a little bit and turned some of the game planning/play calling to his staff. I was hesitant about wanting to go to the game, but I'm glad I did. It was really fun to watch. Let's win out and end the season on a high note!

I bet that WV coach is feeling pretty dumb for running his mouth about now. Yes sir, it does look like you were at a schematic disadvantage.

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KU football notebook: Celebration returns to Memorial Stadium

Heaps may have more experience, but his skill set is more catered to what we don't have right now (receivers who aren't very good, below average pass blockers). Cozart is the guy for right now. He has shown he has the ability to move around in the pocket and take off if need be. Heaps is more of a pocket passer. I feel bad for the guy. You aren't the #1 rated qb coming out of high school for nothing.

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KU football notebook: Celebration returns to Memorial Stadium

They should keep the mean looking Jayhawk. It is football after all.

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Kansas football finally catches fire in 31-19 win

It was a great win indeed. I guess it would be "setting fire to the scoreboard" for us, considering how anemic our offense has been all year. I think they may be on to something here with pounding the rock. Though it is still hard to say how Cozart is as a passer. I understand the logic of limiting his throws due to the 35 mph wind, but that is still a question mark for me. Oh well, we got the conference monkey off our back and it feels good! Keep it rolling with Iowa State next week! RCJH

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Top KU basketball recruits to announce college choices today

I'm thinking just Alexander. Jones would have to beat out Mason and Tharpe. Then again if they are a package deal it would be wide open for Okafor with JoJo probably gone after this year. Never know with these kids.

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Classic win: Ellis, Wiggins lift KU past Duke

I don't "always" go back to EJ. So we shouldn't compare players to other players, year to year? No comparing players. Got it.

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Notebook: Signing period begins today

Translated- Hello to my fellow KU fans and future teammates. I notice you guys will be competing in a game against Duke in Chicago, Illinois. My future teammates are thoroughly prepared and anxious for game time.

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Classic win: Ellis, Wiggins lift KU past Duke


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Classic win: Ellis, Wiggins lift KU past Duke

That cramp Perry had looked pretty nasty haha.

Gotta wonder what Friday will bring as far as those recruits go. Do they want to go to the team that won? The team they can help most? The team that suits their style better? You just never know with these guys.

Wiggy had a solid game despite sitting out 12 minutes in the first half. Mason is a stud. I would almost take him right now over EJ as far as PG duties go. Perry really carried us. Hes a man. Hes 40. This team is only going to get a lot better still. Yikes!

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KU-Iowa State kickoff set for 7 p.m. Nov. 23

Charlie, most everybody knows who the starting QB will be. He is not very good at bluffing. West Virginia will be preparing for Cozart. This is the lowest point spread against KU since the first few games. Charlie has been doing a lot of talking, but with such a limited offense it is hard to see KU's "bowl game" going in our favor. That being said, these next two games are winnable. It would be nice to get that conference losing streak off our back, its pretty embarrassing.

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