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Self: Shooting just one of KU's struggles

I had a sneaking feeling before Frankamp ever stepped on campus that he would be way better. He is a shooter. That's about it, he has no ball handling or point guard skills as of now. I was hoping Bill would call a few plays for him to get him an open look, it never seemed to happen. Now that he has a few games under his belt, It's looking like he might be another Conner Teahan. Yikes. I really hope I'm wrong.

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KU lands commitment from juco offensive lineman Keyon Haughton

Can these receivers catch?

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Opinion: ISU didn’t conspire against Kansas

Hard to say KU should have won by 117. I doubt they have scored that many points all year long.

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Opinion: Road trips trouble for KU football

Bingo!!! "We aren't winning games". "We are getting beat by established programs". "What is going on?" "Oh well, just fire him and bring in someone else".

The guy has had 1 full recruiting class. With the caliber of players KU is able or unable to recruit, depends how you look at it, progress has been made. Get over yourselves a little bit. The program was in shambles after Gill. But it should be fixed over night? Sure, bring in a big name coach knowing he will be lucky to have 3 years at most. Sounds legit.

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Opinion: Road trips trouble for KU football

Hear? haha. No, you are clearly the smart one.

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Opinion: Road trips trouble for KU football

Compared to Turner Gill's teams, its night and day. You may have misplaced your bifocals. If you don't think the defense is better than 2 years ago, I don't know what to tell you. Any defense is going to be exhausted being on the field 40+ minutes a game. The pass rush is much improved and both cornerbacks are solid.

Again, I ask who do you think KU can get? You seem to be all about firing a coach after 2 years. KU isn't exactly plug and play. Let me guess, "Someone who can teach." Honestly? Realistically? Who?

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Opinion: Road trips trouble for KU football

Why would a recruit want to come somewhere when the fans want to change the coach every 2 years? We have to ride it out. As bad as the program is right now we have to take the lumps. We are Kansas football. Period. Who else would you want to get? There aren't very many "good" coaches that would want to take over this program with the shape it is in. It doesn't happen overnight. I don't want to hear about Turner Gill. Anyone who thinks this years team is comparable to Gill's uncompetitive teams is obviously blind.

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No lyin': Lion-killer Embiid* to lead Kansas against Iona tonight

On Friday when he announced his decision, the article said he "has touch out to 8 feet". So he just dunks everything?

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Kickoff for KU-KSU Sunflower Showdown set for 11 a.m. Nov. 30

Matt Tait explained it in a previous article's discussion. But I'm with you, It's silly to me too.

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QB Montell Cozart makes most of first start

Heaps is a great teammate, helping Cozart along. It will be interesting to see how Charlie wants to recruit the QB position in the future given his love for 6'3+ pro-style quarterbacks. Looking back, KU's best quarterbacks have had the ability to scramble (Reesing, Whitmore). Either way, I think given our current talent level in the trenches and on the outside, Cozart is the guy. Nick Harwell should help next year, then again you never know, Justin Mccay has been a let down. The win alone bought Charlie at least another year. Progress is progress no matter how slow.

How about Sims? Guy had 211 yards, a career high. He is a beast when he gets rolling. I thought it was a bad move to take him out and put Pierson in. Pierson took a big hit and it looks like he might be out again. I feel bad for the guy, tough luck this year. Was Sims hurt or did they just want him to rest up?

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