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Jayhawks start fast; USA blows out Chile, 106-41

No radio broadcast?

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Kansas freshman Kelly Oubre Jr. decides to enter NBA Draft

Is this an April fools joke?

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The Day After: Waived by the Wheat Shockers

Ku got beat by the better team. Sure Ku has the better individual players but the better team won. Self was handcuffed by lack of depth inside. Perry is soft, Traylor seems to make one bone head play for every good play he would make and Lucas was pretty limited offensively. I counted multiple times when he passed the ball back out after getting an offensive rebound. Just no aggression to go back up with the ball. They have to land a 7 footer. Selden has been a disappointment. He's a sophomore sure, but the guy has started every game since he's been here, 0 points is simply unacceptable for a shooting guard. That's not the Kansas I know. In a way I'm glad the season is over. Consistently inconsistent. They gotta get back to being a strong defensive team. What happened to the teams that were holding opposing teams to fg% in the low to mid 30's? It's tough to play through your guards when the offense is ran through the post. Guards win in March and Ku seems to miss on the playmakers because of their offensive style. Gotta get back to the defense and get a shot blocker. It should be interesting to see what the roster/rotation looks like next year.

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Storm warning: KU ‘proud’ to see fans take court

He used it twice....

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Column: Loaded schedule should help young Jayhawks prepare for March

Wouldn't be shocked if we lose tomorrow. There is nobody that wants to lead. Sucks that they wait till they are down 15 points to start hitting shots. I think the schedule will pay off in the long run.

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Former KU O-line coach Grunhard returns to Bishop Miege

So the Grunhard move is starting to look like a publicity stunt. "I'll just go to KU, and coach till my sons are on the football team." 150 grand for that offensive line performance? I'm in the wrong profession. Definitely an example of getting by solely off of his name.

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KU men's basketball notebook: Road unkind to Jayhawks so far

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just breathe and be patient.

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Rocky Mountain low: Jayhawks fall to Colorado, 75-72

Bill got outcoached. It doesn't happen very often, but it did. Flame me if you want. I'm sure Bill is frustrated but there isn't much you can do but wait it out. The best way to bust a zone is to make the 3 ball. We didn't do that. There were a few times Colorado sagged off Mason big time, daring him to shoot the 3 and he didn't. Colorado is no slouch. They have only lost 1 game so far. It will be interesting to see if they are ranked when the polls come out.

That being said, the sky is not falling. We still have one of, if not the best coach in the country. I wouldn't be shocked if we lose to Florida tomorrow. Billy Donavan would be stupid not to play zone against us. It will be up to the shooters to make them pay.

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Booker basks in game-winner

Boyle utilized his best option to beat us: force us to take outside shots. We failed miserably. I don't understand how we can be so lousy at shooting the 3 ball. Florida would be stupid to not play zone against us tomorrow, hell any team for that matter. We are still incapable of hitting 3's. It's pretty sad. Frankamp is starting to look more like Jeff Hawkins and Teahan, lights out in practice and a dud in the games. His sole reason for being in the game is to make the trifecta.

I haven't seen a lot of Florida this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if we go down there and get beat. New Mexico on Saturday? Yikes.

Keep plugging away at it Hawks. Better to lose in December than March.

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Frank Mason to open at point guard for Jayhawks

Ok, so that leaves one more tweak to be made, starting Embiid over Black. Black may have more expierence, but the guy is a fouling machine. He's lucky to play 20 minutes a game. Just start Embiid and Lucas, and bring Tharpe and Black off the bench.

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