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Quick recap: No. 1 Kansas falls at Arizona State to drop first game of season

Crimes should not be allowed to shoot 3s. He will get his chance. But not this season.
Sour grapes maybe but the officials gave that game to ASU. KU had less than 6 times at the FT line. ASU had over 20 times.
Turnovers were a problem particularly at the end of the game.
And what is with the student antics when our guys were at the FT line? Should never be allowed and ASU should have gotten a technical for such unsportsmanship like conduct. Really sours me on ASU. This was so much worse than Mizzoui, if that is possible. And storming the floor put our coaches and players in jeopardy.
It was a good game. We should have won. First loss-great teaching opportunity. Just sad that it happened as team gets ready to go to families for Christmas.
Anybody know what happened with D. Lawson's hand?

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Surprise zone keys Jayhawks' win at Kansas State

If Weber was surprised with this ingenious zone, then he is in LaLa Land. Where has he been? This isn't the first game Self has used the zone. Weber can never match Self as a coach.
This was THE worst, most unjust officiating. Any time John Higgins, and about 3 other officials do a KU game with anyone, we have to battle the officials and the other team. The officials' charity should be equitable. It should apply to equally to both teams.
Not calling a Technical II and ejecting the KSU player who tripped Graham was a misjustice. Very unsportsmanship like conduct and bad playing strategy.
These Jayhawks Rock!

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Weber is the ONLY one who is surprised this zone. The zone has been used in multiple games this year. It is an ingenious zone with multiple possibilities. Even better than the Tex Ritter 3/2 zone. Very effective so far.

Tripping a player blatantly and then not to be called for a tech II and tossed from the game is truly not only unsportsmanlike conduct but very shows no skills that will help actually challenge KU. Croaching down behind Svi and Dok while having hand all over them and pushing them should be a foul as well. This is continually being ignored by the officials.

Holly Rowe has to go.

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