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Juco QB Thomas MacVittie, whose career began at Pitt, commits to KU football

247 sports has him as a 3 star and number 39th rated juco player for 2019. Just watch his clips...the kid has a gun and can flat out run if needed. Big upgrade at QB!

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A month after KU coach caught on wiretapped phone call discussing recruit and money, chancellor has not talked to coach

Until this entire FBI investigation is finished I would not expect Girod to directly speak to anyone, including Townsend, about this incident . End of story.

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Report: KU interested in former Arizona State football coach Todd Graham

This would be a great hire! Very hard worker and intense with the players. Great football mind and wins a lot of games. 10 bowl games in 12 seasons as head coach. Can raise money and is great with donors. This all comes from a former Tulsa football player I know very well.

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Former KU LB Ben Heeney: Beaty thrown into program left in shambles by Weis

I don't know why more people are not smart enough to understand what Ben Heeney is telling us right now. I and several others have been pushing this message for a long time with very few people willing to admit to where the true problem lies...Weis ruined our program to the point of being as close to the death penalty as we could possibly be. Thank you Ben Heeney for clearing this point up for us!

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NBA's G League makes monster move that could impact college basketball recruiting

Thanks Matt. I think we both agree college is a better place for 18 year old kids to grow and learn as opposed to G-League.

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NBA's G League makes monster move that could impact college basketball recruiting

College is by far the better training ground compared to the G-League. I have been to many G-League games and most of the players are washed up Euro League types or just guys willing to play for nothing. This will only create the potential for higher bidding prices for high school talent.

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

For those who have forgotten how Adidas became involved read the link below about Marty Blazer who started this whole mess...

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Tom Keegan: Run game brings out best in KU's improving offensive line

Noticed that Jerry...strange indeed!

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Does KU football have a QB controversy?

The way I see it, Bender has hit his ceiling and Kendrick has a lot of room to get better. I think they are handling this pretty well and Kendrick will be the QB when they feel he is ready.

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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams a fast learner and runner

So you all aren't happy to be 2-1 and seeing some tremendous improvement...just checking to see if that's what I am reading most of you would fire Beaty today despite the improvement and possibility to win some more games?

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