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Upcoming Rock Chalk Roundball Classic to benefit children, celebrate KU's 2008 title team

First paragraph says Thursday, so I'm assuming 2017-06-08. Wishing I'd be in Lawrence than, sounds like it'd be fun and for a good cause.

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Tom Keegan: No reason to sell Frank Mason short in NBA draft

Great article, I was actually wondering the same thing during the season when all of the POTY awards started coming in. Has someone with so many accolades ever not get drafted or not go in the first round, and this article shined some light on that.

Really Frank's main downsides are his size and his style of play. I cringed a little every time he drove the ball hoping he wouldn't get hurt, luckily I don't think I can recall any major injuries to him during his 4 years here... But the NBA does play ALOT more games. Size wise he may be a little bit of a liability on D vs some teams, but I thought he held his own fairly well... Not to mention he was a beast getting rebounds.

Personally having watched him 4 years and knowing that he seems like a stand up guy as well as an amazing player... If he fell to the late first round I'd gladly take him and likely feel like I was getting a steal. But I also grew up watching Spud Webb win the dunk contest and people like Earl Boykins have success during his time in Denver. So I know size means nothing when someone can actually play.

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Self wants Svi to play his way through current shooting slump

LMAO @ I've only been to Stillwater once for the 09-10 season, I like the look of the court and the arena isn't too bad, had almost a "professional" feel to it with escalators and what not.

But we were #1 they were unranked and even though it was billed as a sell out almost the entire upper deck was empty and there was noticeable bare spots in the lower dome. And to make matters worse on that day one of their donors gave em something like 10 billion dollars at half time. They ended up upsetting us and even beating the #1 team... Yet I felt like AFH in December when the students are on break offered a better atmosphere. If we were unranked and got news of that type of donation at half time I think all of the fans in AFH would be loud as hell going for the upset.

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Senior Night came quickly for Kansas trio

I've been taking this season one game at a time and didn't realize it was already Senior day. I remember when Frank signed with Kansas I was going around describing him as a poor man's Sherron... 4 years later, although I think Sherron offered more in a team leader roll I think Frank has become a better player. It's been a pleasure to watch him play.

Landen has been a fairly steady player... Three or four seasons ago if you had told me we were only going to play one big and it would have been Lucas I would have thrown my hands up and covered my eyes. But Lucas has done a solid job the past two seasons and met my expectations of when we signed him.

Tyler, part of one of the best father son/coach player tandems the game has ever seen... Granted Coach Self did most of the heavy lifting heheh. But it's been fun to watch him grow up, and the scout team players truly are underrated for how much they help the team. Here's to hoping we blow out OU and he gets to hear one last "We want Tyler" chant in AFH.

Congrats to all the seniors and thanks for the hard work on and off of the court that you put in.

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Notebook: Jayhawks keep business as usual after Big 12 outright title; Bill Walton meets with team

LMAO @ I sent ESPN a message/rant yesterday saying;

"Listening to someone that didn't even know the teams in the Big 12 or the name of the players on the #3 ranked team that he's being paid to commentate on (kept calling Vick and Graham by their numbers) is bad enough... But whoever is in charge of the split screens and putting them up there every 5 minutes needs to be fired. People tuned in to watch a game not two people talk. So what he's kooky and has bad taste in clothes, we don't need to see Bill Walton every 5 minutes. Let people watch the GAME since that's why we turned to the channel."

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KU basketball player Graham arrested on municipal court charge after team's Big 12 conference win

Admittedly it's piss poor timing with all the legal issues the team has faced this year, it happening on the day the streak tied the record and on Graham's birthday... But I assume he had a warrant out for failing to appear and once a officer radios someone's info and finds out they have a warrant I'd think they could get into trouble if they didn't arrest him. Overall though a failure to appear for a minor traffic citation isn't the worse thing in the world and he sounds like he learned from it.

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Kansas State president asks fans to stop vulgar chants

I could be wrong... But wasn't it like 1 or 2 seasons ago they said they weren't going to play Sandstorm any more because of the chant. Yet they still play it?

It's good to hear the K-State president say his friends across the country shamed him for it, maybe he'll finally do something about it... But I'll believe it when I see it. More likely, he got bitched at by someone, rather it be ESPN for letting them chant profanities that were broadcasted or from the Big 12 or KU, so he's acting like he'll stop it...

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Jayhawks surge late to overtake West Virginia in OT

It was a piss poor performance and frustrating game to watch for the most part... But like I always tell my friends... YOU DON'T LEAVE EARLY. I joke around and say how stupid would you feel if you miss something spectacular like someone dunking with their feet because it was looking like a loss or a blow out win.

Amazing come back and I loved not seeing any quit in this team. I was ready to start a petition to never allow KU to go for the loudest court record, after Kentucky had to think of losing to us every time they bragged about having it and we almost had to think of losing to West Virginia when we bragged about it. Now if we can keep Dickie V out of AFH I'll be happy.

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KU's Josh Jackson still searching for fix to free throw woes

If he doesn't mind looking awkward underhand is the way to go. Next to no extra motions that can cause inconsistencies. But I remember reading/seeing someone that said they helped coach Wilt Chamberlain to something like 70-80% underhanded and when he asked him why he didn't do it in game his reply was something along the lines of "because I don't want to look like a b***h" heheh.

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

LMAO @ every time I see a news story about this year's team pops into my head. It's getting pretty frustrating... But like others have said the timing of a lot of these seems suspicious. Vick's punch and kick happened last season(?) and is just now getting mentioned, and now Vick vandalizing a car months ago... With both stories being found out when the victim's father called the newspaper? Why didn't he report both events at the same time? It more so seems to be a ploy to drag this out and try to smear Vick/the team as long as possible.

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