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KU names Northwestern Deputy AD Travis Goff new athletic director

Interesting to read local media reaction. My question like many others is why didn’t Northwestern offer him the job...his bio makes him sound like a shoo-in. My guess is that Northwestern wants to fill the position with a woman.

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Game Day Breakdown: KU football vs. No. 22 K-State

I agree with Dale.

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KU football promotes Brent Dearmon to offensive coordinator, Les Koenning relieved of duties

I don’t know much about Dearmon, but I do know that I was seriously questioning what was going on with offense play calling. I was wondering how much HCLM called the plays versus OC Koenning. Perhaps this answers that and I am happy to see some decisive action taken.

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Chancellor won't say whether he still has 'complete confidence' that KU follows recruiting rules

Thank you for the response Mr. Lawhorn. I do agree the public has the right to know the chancellors views, as well as AD Long and Coach Self, among others. I interpreted "legal proceedings" to mean the trial, and not commenting during the trial is absolutely appropriate. Near the beginning of the article, it is stated "The trial underway in New York also has brought forward new information that raises questions of what Girod knew about potential recruiting violations and when he knew it. " This is also a bombastic implication that is overcharged. Thank goodness it wasn't used to craft an even more sinister looking click bait headline! Like so many articles these days, "seemingly" reporters cannot help themselves but to write articles that draw conclusions before the facts are fully known, prey on fear, anxiety, or anger to get clicks. See what I did there? Get my point? Anyways, I appreciate that you are trying to get us answers and facts, which we are anxious for.

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Chancellor won't say whether he still has 'complete confidence' that KU follows recruiting rules

Misleading click bait headline. Stating it is improper to comment at this time is not “seemingly” a change in position of the chancellor. Articles are so frustrating these days.

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Latest testimony in college basketball corruption trial goes into further details on KU's involvement

Exactly. What you describe is perfectly fine and plausible. I think it could even be more simply could be helping the Angolan national team make a contact with an athletic gear vendor bypassing the business bureaucracy, with no further thought to benefits for KU of doing so. Just simply a standard, garden variety business referral.

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