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Reports: K.J. Lawson to join Tulane as grad transfer

I imagine he is in a better financial position than most students but it's way easier to eat well for cheap in NO. The NY food scene isn't all that great if you cannot afford to eat most of it.

(In this hypothetical world where he based his decision on local cuisine)

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Jayhawks jumped by Gonzaga, stay at No. 2 in latest AP Top 25

idk why you think that. Current SOS: KU = 3; Gonzaga = 53. A case can be made that beating Duke would make their body of work better that KU's but it is far closer than you seem to imply. (And the numbers suggest that the opposite is true)

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Jayhawks enter 2018-19 season ranked No. 1 in AP poll

Why do you keep stating that UK is better as a favorite? There is no real data to support that claim. Since they won their title in 2012:

2018 - 5 Seed - Lost to 9 Seed K-State (AP Preseason 5 AP High - 5)
2017 - 2 Seed - Lost to 1 Seed UNC (AP Preseason 2 AP High - 1)
2016 - 4 Seed - Lost to 5 Seed Indiana (AP Preseason 2 AP High - 1)
2015 - 1 Seed - Lost to 1 Seed Wisconson (AP Preseason 1 AP High - 1) This was the 38-0 team that lost in the Final Four
2014 - 8 Seed - Lost to 7 Seed UConn (AP Preseason 1 AP High - 1)
2013 - NIT (AP Preseason 3 AP High - 3)

Going off of seeds: They have basically been fine. Lost twice to higher seeds and lost twice to lower seeds. With one push. (1 vs 1 matchup...that they lost)

Going off of preseason polls: They are hot garbage. Never started lower than #5 and were a 1 seed one time. They were an 8 seed. They had to play in the NIT one year (and got smoked)

Calipari is a terrific coach. Self is a terrific coach. The difference seems to be that KU is the "favorite" far more often. Last 10 years KU has been a 1 or a 2 every (EVERY!!) year. (It's almost like Self is really good at winning basketball games.)

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Even by Kansas standards, Jayhawks receiving tons of preseason praise

KU was most certainly labeled as a contender in 07-08 (Preseason #4. Never dropped out of the top 5. #1 seed in the tourney) Kentucky was probably "THE" favorite for 11-12. Never dropped out of the top 3 in the polls. Had the top spot for most of the year. #1 overall seed...etc)

Not sure why you think these things but there isn't much data to support your claims.

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

The indictments are available in various places. Short version: Conspiracy, bribery, solicitation of bribery, fraud...etc.

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Tom Keegan: What to make of Day 1 of college hoops trial

I am sure they will keep that in mind if Kavanaugh ends up in court or the subject of an NCAA investigation.

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KU basketball newcomers reveal chosen jersey numbers for 2017-18 season

Tim is correct. NCAA does not allow the use of those #'s. (NBA has no such rule)

Rule 1, Section 22, Article 7, Clause b. 2

Also, teams can only have a 0 or a 00. Not both at the same time.

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Notebook: Bill Self likes Jayhawks' mindset entering Sweet 16

Can't believe I missed that. My apologies (In my defense...I am a dum-dum)

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Notebook: Bill Self likes Jayhawks' mindset entering Sweet 16

BTW: The full quote can be found in the KC Star

“The real reward of hard work would be winning two more this weekend (and advancing to the Final Four in Phoenix). One of these four teams would be fortunate enough to do so. Then you can experience something that’s off-the-charts good. This is great. There’s still better out there.”

(From Gary Bedore's article)

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