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KU baseball takes down Ball State for 7th win in a row

Right on. Can't wait to catch a couple of games in Lawrence this year.

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Junior guard Sam Cunliffe leaving Kansas

Sad. Another top tier talent (like Andrew White III) who somehow found his way into Self's doghouse and was demoted. He, like Andrew White III will go on to another university and average 17 points a game. Self has his favorites and if you are not one of them, you might as well hit the road. Good luck Sam..

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Skyler Messinger's three-run homer lifts KU baseball to series sweep over No. 20 St. John's

Excellent start to what could be an epic year.

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Texas prep QB Tune backs out of verbal commitment to Kansas

This is embarrassing to the students and damaging to our brand. I would rather they shut down the program, take a year or two to find the right AD and Coach that knows what they are doing and then re-launch with a brand new program built from scratch.....I know it will never happen but a complete demolition is what is needed when your foundation is crumbling beneath you.

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Joe Dineen relishes chance to meet Orange Bowl team, 'standard' of KU football

Where in the heck is Todd Reesing and why is he not honored as well?

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KU honors, learns from 2008 Orange Bowl team in first game

Where in the heck is Todd Reesing and why is he not honored as well?

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 7 KU basketball vs. No. 1 Duke

Three keys to victory.
1) Rebounds - Put a body on someone for God's sake.
2) 3 point defense - Defend the perimeter.
3) Adjust to officiating - If tight, drive lane for contact. If not, drive and dish.

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Late Night visitor list grows by one very big name

I hope the host feedback on the recruit is taken with a grain of salt. If not, we will only be getting recruits that have the same background and culture as the current team. Let's make sure we have a process that delivers more diversity in background and culture and welcoming all players based on their skills.

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’

Bill Self is a top 10 coach at a top 5 university. You could argue that the gap is smaller (say top 8 coach at a top 6 school) but I think we all agree that there is a gap that needs to be addressed. And just because fans recognize that gap, does not mean they all want him fired, I think they just want BS to recognize that there is a gap and what is the plan to close that gap.

As we all do when we fall short of our goals, BS needs to do some "self" evaluation on what he could do differently to go deeper in tourneys. If you play more freshman during year maybe you don't win as many big 12 titles but you may go deeper in the tournament? Maybe you make more substitutions for starters when they are not performing great. Maybe you have more flexible starting lineup based on how they are calling the game or who you are matching up against? We as fans are not in the best position to answer this. BS is, and we just want to know what he is going to do differently.

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Tom Keegan: Keller explains A&M’s ‘miracle’

It's interesting how the media is trying to spin this into some kind of A&M miracle. If you watch the entire last minute you can clearly see this was nothing short of a complete meltdown on all fronts from UNI. They made every mistake possible. They had no plays drawn up to inbound the ball, they threw the ball into dead-man's corner twice, they threw the ball directly to the other teams players directly under their own basket twice, they fouled the shooter, and on.....and on.........6th graders have a better understanding of strategy than these players did.

I think CBS/ESPN and the media early on took the position that they did not want to throw these kids under the bus since they are college students so instead of reporting the real story they choose to focus on what A&M did instead which to me is purely politicizing the story.

Sorry to be so blunt but these kids lost this game, A&M simply assisted.

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