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Reports: Big 12 Conference agrees to 6-year media rights extension with ESPN and Fox

Doug, this is part of the story, "The Athletic's report also cited sources who indicated that a "pro rata" clause was expected to be a part of the contract extension with ESPN and Fox. Such a clause would allow for the value of the contract to grow in the event that the Big 12 elects to add more members in the future." I'm sure this was included to pave the way toward more potential expansion.

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Reports: Big 12 Conference agrees to 6-year media rights extension with ESPN and Fox

On the surface, and if true, this all seems positive. While certainly not Big 10 and SEC money, it keeps the Big12 in "Power 5" competition territory. While I too would love to see KU in the Big 10, I've seen nothing to indicate that's a possibility at this time. Thus, a stable Big 12 with enough money to compete at a high major level is the next best option.

Seems like the next domino to potentially fall is the Pac 12 media deal. If it sucks, the "four corner schools" may be in play.

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National championship banner steals the show at Late Night in the Phog

Never take down a natty banner. Adds to the mystique and history of the program even if you don’t consider it worthy.

How was DJ Diesel?

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Kansas-Iowa State football clash to kickoff at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 1 on ESPN networks

Annoying. I subscribed to ESPN+ specifically to get the KU FB games.

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The 2-0 Jayhawks racked up all kinds of honors & attention on a busy Monday

What a great feeling to be getting the right kind of attention after two games. Congratulations JD, Cobee & Lonnie on your awards. Go show Houston that KU is a program to be reckoned with.

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Mountain magic: Overtime interception gives Kansas 55-42 win at West Virginia

Great win Jayhawks! I was surprised we didn’t go for it on the second to last possession, fourth down and 1 with a couple minutes to go. Would have sealed the deal if they converted. Unfortunately we punted and the Mountaineers did what they needed to do and tied the game to send it to overtime. We were fortunate JD got that roughing the passer call or it would have likely been game over.
A hugely entertaining nail bitter for sure. Way to show your grit and determination!
Our improved depth showed that we can compete through the fourth quarter and beyond!

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Coaching, offense fuel ex-Louisville O-lineman Kobe Baynes' transfer to Kansas

A nice pickup in a position of need. Congratulations and welcome to The Hill!

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After late-season heroics, Kansas tight end Jared Casey earns scholarship

Congratulations! Well earned indeed.

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QB Kasen Weisman commits to Kansas, wants to 'build something' with Jayhawks

Congratulations and welcome to The Hill!

I’m a little surprised the staff took a QB in the class so they must be really high on your potential. Keep grinding and Rock Chalk!

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Support for the Kansas football program is about much more than putting fans in the stands these days

A classic chicken or the egg situation. Long term we need the right coach and to win games. It sucks, but most casual fans will have to see results first before jumping on the bandwagon again.

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