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Thanks to Cummings, Kansas’ QB play improves

Heaps had this years wr's and took his scared of competition and talent to south beach. At what point does everyone realize there's a reason weis handcuffed and limited what Michael could do in 2012. If he was let loose like this year heaps never touches the field.

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Cummings gives Jayhawks a boost through the air

Suzi Cummings was a Turner Gill recruit. Weiss was goin to live or die with his guys. Even at this past spring game yes Cozart popped a long run thanks to a block from a cant touch tony Pierson Cummings moved the ball with the third and fourth string line. It's a shame Weiss couldn't get out of his own way and win

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KU Sports Extra — Season 1, Episode 6

Only problem I have with the in accuracy knock on Cummings is he threw to the same wr's Dayne and Jake threw to. With them it was dropped balls with him inaccurate. Let's be honest HCCW handcuffed him two yrs ago

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Column: QB play now Bowen’s problem

Let's give Cummings the ball and see what a spread quarterback can do in a spread offense. To think he had us beating Texas two yrs ago with limited play calling and only 9 passes. He moves the offense plain and simple

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Column: Don’t sell Texas short

See you at the ball game .

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Column: Don’t sell Texas short

Two years ago our qb wasn't scared of contact I still say if HCCW would've let him get loose and quit running options to the short side of the field we would've beat em cause the score would've been better but if that happened Jake heaps would've left last year instead of this summer

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The Day After: Surviving Central Michigan

I agree tight end is a matchup problem for most lbs mundine can beat most of em if your goin to bring Cummings in give him the whole series and open play book all the way

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Notebook: Postgame love for KU linebacker

I just watched the game dvr. Is great the hand off by Cummings was clean rb got hit and fumbled the ball backwards. So no confusion there

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The good, the bad and the ugly with KU football (Spodcasters)

Only problem I have with people that say Cummings is inaccurate is wasn't he throwing to the wr's as Crist and heaps? So what makes their incomplete passes on wr and his on him. I guess the pick against Baylor where he hit omigie wasn't in his chest. Only thing I've seen is a guy who's gone out with his teammates and try to win games despite HCCW handcuffing him Texas tech double ot had tx beat till the defense lost it at home. Had unproven qb's given the job without competition. During that same time the chosen have layed eggs

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KU QB Montell Cozart deserves time to show improvement

What film are you looking at there's a reason TJ left ucla to come here

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