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Weis fired up for Homecoming weekend’s festivities

At what point is the fickle KU fan base going to stick with a coach? Yep, we've had some bad ones and we needed to get rid of them. While Weis may not be making progress at the speed that we all would like, the fact is, he is making progress!

The absolute worst thing to do would be to run another coach out of town (again!). If you gave me a choice between the pace of Weis' progress and starting over with a new coach (again!), it s no brainer. Call me an apologist, but there are worse choices that sticking with the guy.

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Opinion: Talent limiting football offense


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New Jersey defensive end picks KU football

I always click for another question just so I can give them random profanity. It takes a few more seconds, but its worth it!

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Opinion: Texas football should turn to …

Charlie Strong - Louisville.

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Box score breakdown: KU's running game against Rice wasn't what we're used to

Jesse. Whats the chance that you could graph the stats over the course of the season? I'm thinking KU's performance vs. the NCAA average (for each one of the 5 NCAA stats a 2 line chart). It would be interesting to see if, over the season, KU is improving against the NCAA benchmark.

For example, KU's yards per play starts the season below the NCAA average but finishes the season above the average. I'd say that was improvement, even if it doesn't change the won/loss record.

Of course on a week by week basis the quality of the opponent makes a material difference (the stats vs South Dakota compared with the stats vs OU). But, since the NCAA stats are an average I would expect them to include weaker and stronger teams as well.

Over time (season), it would be interesting to see the trends against the 5 NCAA averages.

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

Look. The NCAA should make binary decisions. Either he's elegible or he's not. After that its up to the player, coaches, and parents to decide whats in his best interstest and how to strengthen his academics.

In this case it sounds like the NCAA is applying their own weird,completely arbitrary, and subjective judgment!

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Opinion: Jayhawk fans can take over at Rice

Nope. Thats the Putzpuller...

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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

The next article should be about the Bill Self's BEST WINS. That would certainly offset the bad taste left by this one.

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KU football adds offensive lineman for 2013 season

These google questionnaires are BS. While I can tolerate, barely, the ads surrounding a story on the sceen having to click-thru an irrelevant, unrelated, inane survey (toasters, really...???) to finish reading about an offensive lineman is ridiculous!

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Realignment Today: 3:02 p.m. Update - ACC issues statement as talk about further Big Ten expansion continues

Other conferences are expanding into more populated areas (B1G into the NE) and the Big12 is standing pat in a region that perhaps has fewer TVs than any other conference! At the end of the day equalibrium will win out and the product distributers (ESPN, FOX, etc.) will pay more for broader access. Conferences in less populated areas will get less TV money than conferences in more populated areas (ready for that Big12...?).

And, as we've seen, quality of programs (Rutgers??? Sheeesh!!) doesn't matter. Access does.

The Big12 must expand to capture more TV's if they want to be a player in the long-run. And they better get on with it...

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