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Where does each KU basketball returner need to improve?

Jesse -

It seems to me (and could just be a problem of spotty memory) that Ellis really started improving his bunny-finish stat line towards the end of the end of Big XII regular season and on...which would suggest further improvement ought to be on the horizon. Agree or disagree?

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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins


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Who feeds Jeff Withey the best?

What about Bachynski at ASU? He posted a Withey-esque triple double last week.

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Three & Out with Baylor...

I remember it fondly. Twas Jordy Nelson that did the smoking that time.

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KU ranked No. 7 in first USA Today coaches poll and other Big 12 Media Day notes

Some lost, deep thoughts:

- OSU at #4 is much too high. UK at #3 is too high. I'd have both of them around 10...but I don't know which teams should take their spot.
- Michigan and NC State are going to be good this year.
- OK State will crack the top 25 by the beginning of Big XII play.
- WVU will make noise come tourney time.
- 7 is a good place for us to start. Gives the newbies something to work on out of the gates, but gives us some of the respect we should be getting.

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Self: Jayhawks need to go back to basics

It was said on a separate article about how tall our team is...but jeebus. Look at that picture above. You can barely see both Withey and Peters in the background. It may be due to the angle of the shot, but regardless, that is a tall team.

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

Wrong. THC is fat soluble. The less fatty cells in your body, the shorter amount of time the THC remains. These guys are sitting at <10% body fat, and have super high metabolisms. If they aren't smoking nightly, they could purge their systems of any sign of marijuana in a matter of days.

THC can stay in your system up to six weeks...but that is purely for people that have a higher body fat %, lower metabolism, don't eat well, don't exercise, and smoke often.

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