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Report: Kansas' Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend avoid off-campus recruiting amid NCAA probe

Chad, I’ve always thought Jay Wright from Villanova would be the guy we go for. I’m hopeful this NCAA jazz does not cause Coach Self to retire. I’ve thought maybe Wright is just retired for a short time…

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Not yet withdrawn from the NBA draft, Texas Tech transfer Kevin McCullar Jr. commits to play for Kansas if he returns to school

IDK, the NCAA has managed to wreck the game with this transfer portal and NIL. It just seems wrong that kids try to destroy a team during the season, then go play for them the next. I'm happy if we get him, but this transfer portal, as well as the NIL, are both messed up. I'd say at least not allow transfers to a team in the conference you are already playing him. Does anyone know why Tech is losing all these players? I thought their "new" coach who moved up when Beard left, was doing a good job.

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NCAA President Mark Emmert stepping down no later than 2023

no vision at all. he leaves with the NCAA worse than when he came to it.

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Seven1 Sports & Entertainment agency announces signing of KU's Jalen Wilson as client

Hoping for the best for J Will, would certainly like to see him again next year with the Jayhawks.

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Kansas basketball's Remy Martin experience ends on an incredible high

Rodney, you are wrong. Remy saved our bacon in the post season. We all know Remy lives rent free in your head. The more you bash him, the lower your stock sinks. Move on little doggie.

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Kansas, Villanova rekindle history with Final Four matchup

That 2018 final four game scarred me for life.

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