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NCAA denies hardship waiver for KU receiver Justin McCay

Just another snub by the NCAA, what did we do to those guys? Hope they change their minds during the appeals process but I highly doubt it.

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South Carolina transfer has KU on his list

Thanks! That was "living" by the way, conference did more damage than I thought.

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South Carolina transfer has KU on his list

What's the word on Anrio Adams? I have been leaving in a cave (aka - a conference) for the past few days.

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Michigan defensive end Neal Page commits to KU football

vd = wet-blanket. Literally I suppose, not experienced with it.

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Realignment heats up once again, as Big 12 expansion committee schedules teleconference to talk Louisville and BYU

Neinas was on 810 last night and mentioned the realignment committee appointed by the Board was meeting today, however he said these are routine meetings not a sign of adding more teams. Also he claimed all of the schools are happy with 10 teams and they have to weigh the value of adding a school since they are taking money away from the other 10. Don't see Louisville adding any value and BYU is questionable,

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KU football taps Tim Grunhard as offensive line coach

Just hired Ron Pawlus as QB's coach too. I already like where this is going.

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Sheahon Zenger looking at former NFL head coaches

This is probably the most commical thread I have seen in a while, let's throw out every name of every ex NFL coach and discuss. These guys, all of them, would be horrible choices and I doubt there is any merit to this article. But it's entertaining so keep it coming!

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Bill Self meets with President in Osawatomie

I heard someone calling my name? I agree, tremendous honor for Coach Self and KU. Let's just leave it at that and focus on the game tonight. RCJH!!!

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Reasons for optimism against Iowa State; plus, a surprising stat about KU's running game

The reason our yards/carry goes down qtr by qtr, we run the same plays over and over. Doesn't take much for defenses to figure that out.

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KU freshmen Ben McLemore, Jamari Traylor ineligible for 2011-12 season

This sucks. Stating the obvious, but we really need to stay away from kids that attend more than one high school.

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