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FSU would benefit Big 12

Remember, any school that wants to join the big XII has to approach us. If not then we are in legal trouble. That's why it was so important for Haggard who is Chairman of the board of trustees to say that Florida State would of course be exploring what the big XII has to offer. He is a guy that can make that call!

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KU Barnstorming Tour kicks off tonight

The game definitely won't be played down in the paint?

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Kansas University basketball team to take European vacation

In Paris, have a have a Nutella crepe, add bananas if you like.. Awesome

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Turner Gill left recruiting abyss

I don't mind the bashing on Gill, just because he was an awful coach. Who cares if he's a wwjd guy. Good for him. He was a huge downgrade. I remember my friend. A grad student from KState interning in the AD dept when Gill started. He called me and said " dude you guys made a huge mistake, this guy is so unorganized it's embarrassing. I played it off that he was just being a hater. He was totally right. We were disorganized the last two season. Penalties..yuck. Anyway beating a dead horse. Nighty night.

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Out with the old, in with the new as Weis era brings big changes to KU roster

Very clever with the tornado reference. Hail

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KU offers to Memphis prep Austin Nichols

Make sure your looking at the basketball player not the actor...You thought Boschee was a hottie?

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Well received: Competition fierce at wideout

I know people think I'm crazy.. but I think Kale pick will have an all conference season. I watched him run his routes during games last year..(boredom breaker) and he was wide open all of the time. The dude is fast, he's got great hands and he was a quarterback so he understands the game so well. Also he and Dayne are tight friends now. Remember how Reesing always looked to Meier first before he checked off the other recievers? I think that will play out this year. And yes he can block.

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Big 12 formally introduces new commish Bowlsby

Very creative...very crazy..but very creative. It stimulated my brain. Thanks

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Big 12 formally introduces new commish Bowlsby

The big 12 presidents don't seem interested in Boise State because the academic standards are even worse than KState.. like just above juco level.

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