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Realignment Today: What's next for the Big 12, Notre Dame and others now that the BCS is one step closer to a new format?

The Mormons will never be invited. Our conference plays a lot of different sporting activities on sunday.

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Completed chat with KU football beat writer Matt Tait

I was kinda piss*( off when they put the Scoreboard in the way. Their excuse was to make people come inside and pay for a ticket. LAME part of the beauty of memorial stadium is the hill. Move the freaking scoreboard!

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Weis seeking solutions, not silver linings at KU

Any guy who would go and rally the troops in Dodge and Garden has my vote. My cousins live "Out West" as we call it... Anything past Topeka is out west to me... But they said he was dynamic and funny and had great turnouts for our alums out there. Go Charlie!

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Finally, Zach Peters arrives at KU

This kid is Legit! Saw him play last season at prestonwood. He bangs down under the basket like a football player.

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KU’s Zenger, Big 12 leaders laud Neinas for league’s revival, booming prospects

Come on people.. All athletic directors lie! Florida State and Clemson are on their way. The real question is do they have the cajones's to go to 14 or 16.

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Leaders at Big 12 meetings: League set at 10

Air Force doesn't want to deal with our conference. They were approached with the mormons. It got too complicated.

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Realignment Today: What to expect from this week's Big 12 meetings in Kansas City; plus a few of the latest links regarding Big 12 expansion and ACC survival

No to Notre Dame. And just sitting at 10 is short sited and stupid. We are not a strong enough football conference and KU is to blame for that. Adding Florida State and Clemson to go back to 12 would be huge!

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KU baseball downs Texas, will face A&M in rematch today


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Ex-KU O-line commitment hoping to catch on at BYU

bwahhaahahahhhaaaa. That's funny!

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