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'Crushing': Jayhawks regret failing to give sellout crowd a proper show

Totally agree, Dale! And while it would have been amazing to get the W, we gotta remember - K-State just got done beating Oklahoma, so we had to expect it was gonna be rough. Beating OU doesn't happen by luck.

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4-star prep DE Steven Parker commits to KU football

Based on the all over the place capitalization, I think maybe he meant "that seem to be quality people".

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Les Miles announces hiring of D.J. Eliot as KU's defensive coordinator

I'm not seeing much that excites me about this hire. CU fans don't seem to think much of him and his numbers aren't thrilling. Having said that, I gotta think HCLM probably knows a little more about picking a DC than I do. Hope he's a good fit and surprises me! ROCK CHALK!

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Matt Tait: Kansas football covers; was Les Miles watching?

At least tonight they were pretty good. ESPN stats also shows OU had 0 sacks, 2 TFL and 2 QB hurries. That's a solid performance by the O-line

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Report: KU and Les Miles negotiating contract

I was also a bit shocked at how horrible Weis was, but compare their resumes - it's not even close.

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Notebook: Kansas DB Mike Lee ejected in loss to Texas Tech

I thought the ejection was a bad call. Looked like he was dropping down to hit with his shoulder and the runner dropped WAY down causing the helmet to helmet hit.

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KU offense in search of more points: 'I don't think 28 is enough'

If we score 28 in every remaining game, that might get us one win.

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Pilfer party: KU's 6 takeaways power blowout win over Rutgers

Q1- I feel like we should just stick with Kendrick. His mobility is too much of an advantage over Bender. Regardless of who we use, though, our passing game needs to pick it up, because B12 teams are gonna have a much better time stopping our run game, I have a feeling.

Q2- I think Baylor is upsettable for sure

Q3- Not Conf POY unless we win WAY more games than expected

Q4- Tech just hung 63 on Houston and I have no confidence that we can stop that. I think Baylor, Texas, ISU, KSU and Texas are beatable, probably in that order

Q5- I still feel like getting two B12 wins might be a stretch, but I'm way more confident in it after today

Q6- Definitely improved and pleased to see it. I feel like we'll probably still get knocked around pretty bad in conference play, but the kids have gotta be motivated after the past two weeks. Wins breed motivation, confidence, chemistry and all that, so who knows what'll happen.

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Jayhawks pummel Rutgers, 55-14

FWIW I’d way rather have you leave than Bryson.

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David Beaty maintains vague stance regarding Pooka Williams' availability past this week

It's totally conspiracy theory thinking on my part, but it almost feels like a last grasp at him trying to save his job, sort of a "Well, you can take the chance and play him if you want, but we're not sure what's up yet" type deal. I can't think of anything that would ever result in intermittent or maybe/maybe not eligibility. Either he's cleared or he's not.

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