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Andrew Wiggins to appear on cover of SI

We've beat the curse before. Brandon Rush was on the cover in 2008

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Quote, unquote: A look at some of the top quotes of the Bill Self era

these aren't actual quotes. They're from a parody account on Twitter "Stutterin' Bill Self" (@ananandbillself). They're all in good fun and it's actually one of the best parody accounts out there.

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KU’s Jake Heaps out to prove he can be a top QB

I didn't read that as him considering himself to be elite, but rather recognizing that the expectations in the league are such that he wants to rise to the occasion. Either way I agree it's a good thing.

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A year later, Bowlsby proven prophetic about Big 12

Sort of like Nebraska ending up in the PAC12 right? it's just weird.

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Charlie Weis' 'pile of crap' comment still the talk of Big 12 media days

Charlie Weis is a good guy. There's no way around it. He's honest and sincerely wants the team to do well. But the most important thing about Charlie is what he does for KU off the field. He holds his team accountable academically. He's not afraid to cut important players who do not conduct themselves well. He generally cares about the student body. (Remember when he bought tickets for the students to a game last year?) He goes to other sporting events. Hell, he even visited the Marching Jayhawks last season, TWICE.

He's a classy guy. And on top of that, with an admitted "pile of crap" we took several road games to overtime last year and managed to hang in almost every game. Very few true blowouts. Losing by 7 only seems like a blowout when there are no wins in the mix.

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