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Creighton, Nebraska, Washburn and other possible Harvard replacements for Kansas basketball

I am sure I missed the context of this comment. but isn't that what KU is trying to do by getting a replacement?

If you are saying that plow thorough the schedule with no regard to the situation, then that is foolhardy. You don't want to make your situation worse than it currently is.

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Bye week should be a busy one for Lance Leipold and KU football team

Is it too late to see who is available in the transfer portal? (Just kidding).

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Texas, OU take first formal steps to leave Big 12; questions about future of KU's conference grow

In due course. I don't think we should have moved earlier. I am sure talks are under way. We should receive the payouts from OK & TX, then make the move.

July 26, 2021 at 12:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Former football player says KU ignored harassment complaints, 'tried to buy' silence

I was thinking the same thing. We jump to conclusions very quickly, and the journalists thrive on that. We don't know the background story. We should wait for this to unfold.

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Transfer guard Remy Martin eager to build new relationships at Kansas

That is funny! If Perry Ellis was still in the team, he would have been doing his PhD!

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A look at the type of leader KU football could be landing with Army's Jeff Monken

Will one of the issues be the fact that he may not be good at recruiting folks, because in the Army, that was not needed?

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AD Travis Goff addresses KU football team after Thursday's spring practice

I am less than enthusiastic about this hire. He is supposed to be a leader, and should easily be able to articulate his direction, his approach, and what he is looking for in the next coach. I don’t like the words like “learning”, “doing research” etc. It goes without saying that he will have to do those, but shouldn’t be the strategy.

I agree with Jeff, on his points. Jones may be a nice person, but his HC chops should decide the decision to hire him as a full time coach.

April 9, 2021 at 11:22 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

AD Chatter: Could KU's search be over on Monday?

"Goff has been heavily involved in helping find Phillips’ replacement." I am curious as to why he was not considered as a candidate for the position?

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Les Miles done as KU's football coach

Let us not overanalyze what happened. Les is out... Now bring out the list of potential replacements!

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