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2007-08 tip times decided

I know this guy Taylor has "emerged as a top prospect", but according to rivals, he's only a 3 star. But, the kid is also out of Jersey, so that probably means that he's a tough kid, and I like that, and I know Coach Self likes that. Anyway, I have faith in Self.

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Fieldhouse getting new roof

Robinson, Collins, Chalmers, Aurthur, Kahn

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Recruiting targets net honors

Thanks beasley, now you're going to make our guys play that much HARDER!!! STUPID!! I hate mouthy players (and coaches) that can't back it up.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

Coach Self isn't the only top coach out there not getting all the big time recruits. In the last decade, schools like KU, uconn, duke, arizona, unc, and maybe even florida now, have been the power houses. But if you look at the 08 recruiting class (according to rivals) ONLY zona and unc have a recruit (1 recruit) in the top 25. And now you have schools like ucla, usc and uk getting all the action recently. But imo that's ok for now. When roi was here he didn't have a top 5 recruiting class every year. Coach Self is going to come through this year, believe it!!!

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Jayhawk recruits plan to narrow lists soon

IMO, if Willie were to come here, he'd probably transfer out after one year. But that's just my opinion. He just seems like a kid that wants all the attention and wants to be the main focus and take about 1000 shots a game. Now if he's really sincere about wanting a coach that'll tell him the truth, then KU is the place for him, because I'm real sure Coach Self would put that kid in check.

Change that "me me me" attitude, Willie, and we'd love to have you as a Jayhawk!!!

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Recruit Warren lists Kansas third

There're no doubt that Warren is a talented guy, BUT, he just seems to me like he's got a BIG head. He's not even a freakin' senior in high school, and he just seems so arrogant. I'd love to have the guy here, but he can leave his arrogance at home!

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Wright blanked in summer-league game

Right on, BigTamale! And no, dmb41fan , I'm not hating on carolina. I've always hated that school, their stupid colors, and I've always thought roy was a little weasle, and yes, I did think that while he was here at KU, the greatest University in the world!!

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Wright blanked in summer-league game

Good one, jayceph.

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Wright blanked in summer-league game

Don't do it, Xavier!!! That's the dark side!!

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Arthur to be sidelined 4-6 weeks with stress fracture

Well that really sucks!!!

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