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Self not surprised with preseason poll

so KU recieved 3 first place votes?? I bleed crimson and blue, but I don't think so.

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Vegas prep to visit for KU's Late Night


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After quick hiatus, Jayhawks get back to work

Hey jayceph, Russ Rob probably just doesn't want people knowing his business, that's all. We're all entitled to our space.

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Rush and Arthur key Jayhawks in overtime thriller as KU escapes Arizona, 76-72

I'll take it. Rush wan't 100%, Collins was out, we couldn't hit a 3, they were on fire from beyond the arc, and WE STILL WON!

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Kaun's 'wild-man' locks drawing attention

Yeah, come on everybody, IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

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Kaun's 'wild-man' locks drawing attention

SOUL GLO!!!!!!!!!!! I like it mpann1818.

check this out

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New Jersey PF Quintrell Thomas commits to KU

I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we got the kid, and if coach Self wanted him, then he must really be good, but, now what's going to happen with the Morris twins? Didn't they decommit from Memphis because they got a guy that also played their position? I hope they commit too, but I hope Quintrells commitment doesn't make us loose 2 really good players!!

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Illinois prep considering KU

I forgot about that bwoodard, arkansas was in the southwest. my bad.

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Illinois prep considering KU

"Self won't switch to a different school within the Big 12"

Didn't Eddie Sutton do it when he was in the SEC??

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Illinois prep considering KU

With all this trouble that the osu b-ball team is having, I really can't see Sutton lasting another year there. I really hope that they don't try and go after coach Self.

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