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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

Here is my thought on how to possibly salvage recruiting:

1. Part ways with all assistants
2. Bring back Danny Manning as he will be most likely out of wake soon. He seemed to be a great assistant with a legit talent for coaching bigs and a recognizable name.
3. Bring a flashy name on staff. Names like Penny Hardaway that brings kids in.
4. Find a “coach” with multiple kids who will be top tier talent for 2-3 years to come and will attend KU because of their father.
5. Keep you nose clean until the next school make the news for “something big”.

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KU not retaining football coach David Beaty

Who thinks that the the position has been already offered to Les Miles (and accepted by him) and this move is to allow Les Miles to recruit with no NCAA limitations (Bob Huggins) and to buy him a month or two until his hiring is official.

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Hello, Newman: Kansas sophomore's breakout performance fuels win over ISU

This version of MN makes missing out on Trae Young a bit more bearable.

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Jayhawks glad of outside competition

Sorry guys I click on submit twice...

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Jayhawks glad of outside competition

Just saw this on Seth Greenberg's twitter... Not sure about the accuracy

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Media day at CenturyLink Center

Looks like someone is holding PE's chin in the cover picture...
Also i love when teams trash talk us. More to fuel the fire... Rock chalk

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

If I was a Kentucky fan this would be everyday occurrence but for us ...

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Bill Self: Transfer Hunter Mickelson a ‘poor-man’s’ Jeff Withey

No, Poor Man's Scott Pollard

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KU assistant Joe Dooley hired as head coach at Florida Gulf Coast

Tough loss!
....but maybe now we can have legit big man coach... Pollard (most likely not because of his episode with self), Simien or someone of that nature...

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