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Former Jayhawk Aldrich signs with NBA's Knicks

Damn, was really hoping for Cole to sign with the Nets in time for the nickname jerseys. I would have been willing to pay for a "Tenacious C" jersey. Tenacious, just tenacious.


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Boot Camp is over; Bill Self impressed with Jayhawks

Hopeful for but couldnt say I am expecting. Its a very young team.

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Paul Pierce making noise in New York

Not a dump. Doesnt have the glitz or glamour of midtown manhattan but that is because its one of the places people actually live. Houses, mid rises and high rise apartments.

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Double vision: Gonzalez twins ‘next big thing’

I live in Atlanta and now might extend a trip back to see the boys games to catch a girls games, dayum.

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Lakers give Josh Selby a shot

Its hard, that is for sure. I would have preferred if there was a universe where Mario could have gotten a ring without the Heat winning.

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Change of heart: Brannen Greene puts on a show at camp

The challenge I always see with these guys is its such a trade off. If youre impatient and want minutes now or think you might not ever get minutes I can see you jumping ship but, lets be honest, you're probably not going to end up on another NC caliber squad. You may not have access to the level of coaching or strength training that would get you into the NBA off of development.

It just seems like such a risky prop compared to the option that guys like Releford took advantage of.

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Here's what KU's 2013 basketball recruiting class would have looked like in previous years

And not just on the back of Lebron. Mario earned his minutes and is definitely a player on the team. Hell, in their last loss he was the only guy to actually play (Lebron got a few more points but in a dozen more minutes and the team fared better with Mario in).

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Basketball notebook: Top 2014 recruit considers KU

Yeah its less of a motivation from fear than anger. The greats get pissed, have an internal locus of control (blame themselves) and channel that anger into work.

"We lost because I didn't take enough shots, didn't drive enough, didn't rebound hard enough, etc"

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How former Jayhawks fared in May 28 NBA games

Mario was the only one who showed up to play for the Heat. James may have gotten 4 more points but that was with nearly a dozen more minutes and the heat were still -3 with him in (vs +11 with Mario)

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They said it ... about Tarik Black

It only pushes them out of the picture if Black is better. They have been playing in the system and have the advantage of chemistry with the few returners. I don't doubt that if they work hard they can get minutes.

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