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Completed chat with KU football beat writer Matt Tait about KU's match-up with No. 10 Oklahoma

Left side...strong side.

In watching Crist this year on TV, he has looked as uncomfortable as I've ever seen anyone on a football field. I think that many of his issues this year come down to a basic case of the yips. Don't get me wrong, I love that he came to KU, has been a leader and a gentleman, and I'd still like to see him succeed but I just wonder if coming here as the savior was just too much pressure?

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Tanner Hawkinson adds to highlight film with block on James Sims' 30-yard TD run

Yes, I think that Mr. Hawkinson got a few attaboys in the film room - very impressive block.

Though Jacorey's technique wasn't right, his effort was. Gotta love the go for it attitude.

Jesse, thanks for these weekly breakdowns. It's a lot of fun.

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Three & Out with Oklahoma...

So...on a completely random topic - I watched 30 for 30 last night and came away absolutely juiced! David Booth isn't just the man, he's the MAN! Watching that auction, I saw a competitiveness that was absolutely inspiring. Every Jayhawk fan, everywhere needs to write this guy a big Thank You. Without him, the rules of basketball would now be sitting in the Duke University basketball hall of fame.

All praise David Booth!

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ESPN: KU hoops has No. 2 recruiting class for 2013

My least favorite commentators are ex-coaches who were fired due to their incompetence but then come onto a broadcast and want us to believe that they have it all figured out. At least with ex-players, there is a little bit of buffer, but failed coaches have no credibility to me. I'm not really interested in what Fran thinks Bill Self should do in any game situation.

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ESPN: KU hoops has No. 2 recruiting class for 2013

That is a really interesting way to put it: the most important document in sports history. Where do I send my thank you note to David Booth?

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ESPN: KU hoops has No. 2 recruiting class for 2013

Viale is an idiot. As many times as he's covered KU basketball and he doesn't get that this is an open and shut case?

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Former Jayhawk Chris Harris' huge performance on Monday Night Football

Must be something about the number "25" and the Jayhawks! Matt, thanks for the story and background on Harris. When you say "what a night", I've got to think it will be one of the most memorable of his life.

This is a story that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And, as a dad, it's a story that I'm sharing with both my kids as an example of how hard work can definitely get you were you want to be.

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A preview of the bonus material in's online preseason magazine

I'm gonna miss Tyshawn. I think he has a great chance as a broadcaster when his playing career ends because of his enthusiasm and humor.

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Column: Lubbock Smith welcome upgrade

Again....what's the rumpus? The story is about a guy who was successful, was benched because his Rivals 40 time wasn't fast enough (or his coaches found some math students who could run a stopwatch and record the numbers on a sheet of paper) and - suddenly - comes back and appears to be a player.

Terry's reason's for leaving are well-documented in his interview with the Dixie News - he said he left because Charlie was a dog-cusser (I must admit, I haven't heard that phrase since Cool Hand Luke). So....either he's a liar or he chose to leave. Either way, it is a very important part of the column.

Bottom line: if players could be chosen simply by how fast they are, then Renaldo Nehemiah would be in the Hall of Fame.

I watched KSU in the fertilizer bowl on Saturday and the announcer couldn't get over how much faster the back-up quarterback was than Colin Klein. Yep....he's way faster. So, if Turner Gill was his coach, would he bench Colin Klein? My guess is yes.

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Questions, no answers, for Kansas at QB

So....I'm waiting for the coach, player or tv announcer to really show some courage and admit a simple fact: there ARE moral victories in sports. KU is clearly juiced, the team made strides on both defense and offense and we almost have a fourth-quarter com-from-behind victory.

I'd like more but I'll take this.

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