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Ben McLemore on if it was his last college game: 'At this point, I really don't know'

Bill won't say it out loud. So I will. He would have preferred to have the ball in Tharpe's hands at the end, but for one thing: Naadir is 5'11", and is extremely vulnerable to the trap in close games at the end.

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Ben McLemore on if it was his last college game: 'At this point, I really don't know'

I finally sucked it up, and went back to look at that final play. It was an option read. EJ drives right side, Withey dives from FT line, Trav slides to weak-side block, B-Mac flares to strong-side corner for trey, Naads to top as last option and relief valve.

EJ penetrated easily but at a bad angle, which took the layup off the table. None of the men guarding Mac, Withey, or Trav left their man to help at the rim. None of them, they all stuck like glue. EJ gets stuck behind the backboard, so he can't even heave up the prayer. He's forced to kick it out to Naads. You know the rest.

Why, it's almost like the Michigan coach knew that EJ had popped a circuit breaker, and dared him to beat them. *eyeroll*

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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Michigan (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

True, but facts is facts.

From the under 4:00 TV timeout, with a 10 point lead.

Elijah Johnson:

Converted 1+1, two made FTs
Bricked front end of 1+1, which would have made it a two possession game with :13 left
Bricked trey
Bricked jumper
Made trey
Final play

Not what you want from your senior leader and PG.....

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Opinion: Perry Ellis developing into nice March surprise for KU

Fooled is probably the wrong word. But it's not completely off-base. There is a very small cadre of coaches that can get inside Bill's head a little. Izzo and Consonants come to mind. Hoiberg is another example.

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Former Shocker, Jayhawk Greg Dreiling shows more wisdom than politicians

Robb, your mom says it's time for dinner, come upstairs and wash your hands.

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

60 cycles/second...

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ISU coach Fred Hoiberg impressed by Elijah Johnson, says late no-call 'didn't go our way'

I watched it a dozen times frame by frame. Niang was outside the arc, his feet were set before EJ exploded up, and he was straight up and down taking EJ's knees in his chest. It was a charge.

But a bad call with 5 seconds left is no more important to the final score than a bad call in the first 5 seconds. And there were plenty of bad calls both ways. Niang slid under Withey for Jeff's 4th foul just minutes before that. The two calls self-cancel.

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ISU coach Fred Hoiberg impressed by Elijah Johnson, says late no-call 'didn't go our way'

The whole game was officiated badly. Both teams got some breaks, both teams got hosed. But I HATE that "let the players decide the game" BS in late situations. A foul is a foul, first minute or last.

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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

It was ugly on both ends of the floor all night. I alternated between hair-pulling and sighs of relief because we stole one.

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Notebook: Bill Self fired up during big win; Rio Adams 'frustrated'

It's not just that he dribbled the ball (unpressured) off his foot. It's that he then stood there while his defender scooped up the ball for a run-out dunk. That's unforgivable at any level, and gets you a comfy seat.

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