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Jayhawk duo reunite in defensive backfield

Ben absolutely hates losing. He never quits.

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Charlie Weis: I'm paying

PSM - lighten up Francis.

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Jayhawks upgrade depth, speed

I will never get tired of hearing the word "speed" if we have it.

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A father's love: Kansas offensive coordinator Chuck Long cherishes lifelong bond with late father

I'd say it's the best paying job I'll ever have thanks to three awesome kids!

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There's more than meets the eye to recruiting rankings; take a look

Matt - thanks for the insight. Amazing that it could stir up as much negative buzz as Keegan's efforts. Look forward to hearing from you next week on Thursday after signing day....that ought to get them going.

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Monday Rewind: Texas A&M

The one person that counted in the 5% was Lew Perkins, and what Lew wanted was the phat man gone, and so it didn't matter what your 95% thought. I'm not saying Mangino should have been kept - there was alot going on in the football program that didn't make the headlines. So that water is under the bridge. Gill needs to figure it out and make some progress towards next year. Tait - it would be nice to have a complete injury list update because I know the O-line has been decimated. Also, who is still on the redshirt list?

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Advice for KU athletic director search committee

My bet is Coach Self will give the final blessing, regardless of who the search committee recommends. And since he's about all that's right in the athletic department, I doubt there are many complaints. But the new AD is going to have to some leeway to repair what one man in a vacuum has done to our football team.

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Kansas Athletics details extent of seat upgrade medical equipment company received

So if I give an extra $5000 this year I can move from my upper level corner to mid level center court? Bet that doesn't happen. What a load of garbage!

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Football lacking stars

absolutely right. These folks are drinking the kool aid, and they should be getting ready to go back to the days when "we're a basketball school". Gill is in over his head, and the upcoming losses will back that up.

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Reesing one step closer to Canada?

interesting how all of these early offers are going to out of state kids and coach Gill says publicly they are going to keep the in-state kids here. Not seeing any of the top talent in Kansas being recruited.

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