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Texas flag flies over Fraser Hall during KU-UT football game

I'd like to know what KU employee opened the door so they could get up there. Someone needs to get canned

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football vs. Nicholls State

Benton - I run the "Guess The Score" contest for both football and basketball on the KUSports.Net board. Just letting you know that your guesses, such as the 24-20 you posted for today in your pregame article, are going to be entered in that contest. No prizes but you'll get to see how well you do vs other KU fans both for today and over the course of the season.

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Former Missouri players reflect on favorite moments of Border War

It's only Missouri people who want the rivalry renewed. There's nothing to be gained by renewing it for KU. While I always enjoy seeing KU whip the tiggers, when it comes to renewing the rivalry, "Frankly my dear I don't give a d*** " (quote from Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind - the title of which movie summarizes very nicely where the rivalry went when MU joined the SEC)

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KU fans split on idea of Border War scrimmage

There is NOTHING in this good for KU.

1. It's outside Kansas. No revenue for KU or for Lawrence merchants
2. It gives relevance to a program that doesn't deserve it.
3. It could give them credibility in recruiting in the Kansas/Missouri area that they don't currently have
4. If televised it could bring them revenue they desperately need that I'd just as soon they never have

The notice on this whole thing is sufficiently short that there won't be time to promote it well for the "charity" aspect anyway

Plus I agree with whoever it was that said the charity thing is really just a backdoor way for them to get back on our schedule.

FWIW all the same reasoning applies to scheduling a home-and-home with Wichita State, except for #1 and maybe 2

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KU's Frank Mason remains team-first despite barrage of individual honors

What about consensus first-team All American?

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Getting to know: Iowa State basketball

Speaking of Hoiberg, he's on the hot seat in Chicago and may well get fired by the Bulls in the near future. If the ISU fans I talked to at church today are any indication, the Cyclowns will be more than happy to find a place for him in their program if he wants it. They are still in love with him.

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Getting to know: Iowa State basketball

I live in Des Moines and deal with ISU people daily. Our basketball game with them in Hilton is their Super Bowl. They get "up" for this game like no other, not even the one they play with their instate rivals, the Iowa Hawkeyes. This is the one game of the year for which their students camp out for seating. Between their loss on Saturday to TCU, the extent to which they hate us already, and the fact that we'll almost certainly be coming into their place with a newly-minted #1 national ranking, they will be more than ready for us. Melvin Weatherwax (the guy who tried to attack HCBS 4 years ago when we beat them there) has long since served out his exile and may well be back in the crowd too. Should be interesting!

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KU Sports Extra — 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket breakdowns

Just print the transcripts please. I don't have time to sit through a bunch of videos

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Self clarifies comments on NBA coaching possibility

Self has no doubt been getting calls from NBA teams every spring for years now. Anyone who doesn't think so has rocks in their heads. Obviously he hasn't gotten an offer he wants yet, most likely for the reasons so eloquently laid out by others. I'm not very worried.

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Notebook: Catching up with C.B. McGrath; Angel Morris on hand

After KU handles UNC for the third time today, and it becomes obvious that KU fans aren't mad at Roy anymore, I think the committee will get bored and start doing other things with us. I fully expect us to be in a bracket with Methzou the next time they make the tournament. And yes it probably will be in KC. What better way to put a lot of butts in the seats, which is what this is all about! Have you noticed how many EMPTY seats there have been at some of the other venues? KU vs Meth, no empty seats anywhere and heaven only knows what they'll go for on the secondary market

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